• SPPS Attendance Policy

    Once enrolled in a public school, a child 5 years old to 18 years old (unless already graduated from High School), must attend school every day, every class, on time, unless lawfully excused.

     Lawfully Excused Absences:

    • Sickness – too sick to be in school (3 consecutive absences require a doctor’s note)
    • Medical Appointments – (excused half day only and clinic note required)
    • Religious Holidays
    • Extreme Family Emergencies – house fire, death, etc.

     Examples of UNEXCUSED Absences

    • Overslept
    • Missed school bus
    • Suspended from school bus
    • Staying home to babysit
    • Weather too hot/cold
    • Family vacation

     Parents/Guardians MUST communicate with the school office every time a child is absent.  Please not that not all absences will be excused.  Call in or send a note to the main office, state the reason for absence and be specific.

    All unknown absences are automatically marked as UNEXCUSED.

     Absence Concern Referral Process

    • After 3 unexcused absences, an “Attendance Alert” letter will be sent to parent/guardian.
    • After 5 unexcused absences, parent/guardian will be referred to the Assistant Ramsey County Attorney for a “Parent Meeting”.
    • After 10 unexcused absences, parent/guardian will be referred for a SART hearing.
    • After 15 unexcused absences, parent/guardian will be referred for a petition to court fo educational neglect.


    An elementary school student who is not in his/her designated area at the designated time is TARDY.  Students arriving after 9:30AM are considered tardy and will need to check into the office for a late pass to class.

    Please note: 15 unexcused tardies equals one unexcused absence.  If students come in 3 hours or later after the bell rings, then it is counted as a whole day unexcused absence.

    Early Release

    An EARLY RELEASE is when an elementary student leaves the school building before the school day has ended.  Parent/Guardians must come inside to sign the student out to be released early.  Please note that students will not be called to come down to the office until the parent/guardian arrives to sign the student out.  Please plan accordingly for time.

     For more information, please see Ramsey County School Attendance Matters (SAM) website

Contact us when...

  • It's important to contact the office if your child will not be in school.

    Call: (651) 744-2713  


    Email the office:

    Make sure to include your child's name, grade, reason for the absence and your name.