Brian Flotterud - Director of Support Services

  • Brian F

    With approximately 19 years of experience in the technology field I have seen a lot of change, but there is a consistent need for dedicated staff who can remove hurdles and deliver technology solutions in a user centric ideology. 

    My goal has always been, and will always be to help simplify technology so that our customers and business partners can gain synergies and increase output, in their own unique way.Experience. 


    New Horizon Companies
    Director of Information Technology

    Ability Network
    Manager of IT Operation

    YMCA of the Greater Twin Cities
    Business Technologies Supervisor

    Delta Air Lines
    Systems Engineer

    What part(s) of TS do you supervise?

    · Field Service

    · Service Desk

    How many managers do you have?

    · 3 - 2 Field Service, 1 Service Desk

    How do your teams work together?

    Communication and teamwork are critically important to maintain a continuity of service. Requests for service enter at our Service Desk and are then either resolved or dispatched for further support. Solid relationships amongst all TS teams and our business partners act as our foundation.

    Express your goals for the TS department's success

    I wish to build strong business relationships around the district. Working together I expect to establish specific and measureable deliverables with predictable outcomes.