Media Interactions

  • Who Completes This Task: Office of Communications



    Sharing program and school successes and events can help engage the community and gain public support for both the project and SPPS. Share news and successes with community media.



    • The program is holding an event
      • Open house
      • School fair
      • Family night
      • Musical performance
    • A representative of the media contacts the program directly


    Steps - Generating Publicity

    1. Contact the director of communications


    Steps - Being Contacted by the Media

    Sometimes the media will contact a school or program directly.

    1. Get contact information and the basic details of the media’s request
    2. Send basic details and contact information to the director of communications

Why This is Important

    • Provides transparency of SPPS grant activities
    • Provides a coordinated message
    • Respond or deflect as appropriate
    • Protection of student confidential information
Last Modified on March 30, 2022