Recording Revenue in Activity Tracker

  • Who Completes This Task: Clerk


    Accounts Receivable staff use the Activity Tracker data to record deposits in PeopleSoft. The information provided determines whether revenue is taxable or non-taxable. Schools are encouraged to conduct fundraising activities through their PTA/PTO organizations which typically qualify for an exemption for taxable sales.



    • After a deposit for the bank has been prepared
    • Checks, deposit slip and the Receipts to Deposit form have been scanned to pdf



    1. Open the site’s Activity Tracker in Google Sheets 
    2. Click on the Activity Detail tab
    3. For each source of revenue deposited, enter:
      1. Date the deposit was prepared
      2. Budget code
      3. A description, including the revenue source and if it was a taxable event
      4. Amount
      5. Category
    4. Verify the entry matches the deposit total
      1. Click the Deposit Summary tab
      2. Make any necessary changes in the Activity Detail tab
    5. Share the deposit pdf with Accounts Receivable staff
      1. Open your Google Drive
      2. Navigate to the folder the deposit pdf needs to be uploaded to
      3. Right-click anywhere in the folder, click Upload files...
      4. Locate the pdf of your scanned deposit on your hard drive and double-click it
      5. Once the pdf is uploaded, right-click on the file and click Share
      6. Share with the Accounts Receivable Accounting Clerk
      7. In Financial Activity Report, verify deposit to correct account prior to archiving records


    Documentation Required 

    • Scanned checks
    • Deposit slip
    • Receipts to Deposit form


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Last Modified on July 29, 2021