Contract Modification and Amendment

  • Who Completes This Task: Contract Manager


    Timeframe:  Ongoing during the term of the contract



    Revision to contract terms due to scope of work changes or unforeseen circumstances that arise during the contract term. SPPS or the vendor will produce a document outlining the change, and it will go through the amendment process in eRFP. A modified contract must adhere to the same laws as the original contract.



    • Change to contract scope of work that affects contractor or SPPS obligations
    • Change to contract terms that affect payment amounts or the term of the contract 



    1. Identify what change is needed and why
    2. Determine affect the change will have on the contract (scope, cost, term, etc.)
    3. Discuss with contractor the change and negotiate terms of the amendment to the contract
    4. Create amendment to contract (seek Purchasing Office help if needed)
    5. Submit the amendment in eRFP, including attachments supporting the changes
    6. The purchase order for the original contract will undergo a change order to incorporate the amendment
    7. Amendment documents will be routed for signatures in eRFP
    8. Vendor copy will be sent to person who submitted the requisition, or to the consultant
    9. When services are received for the amended contract, document in eProcurement against the purchase order


    Documentation Required

    • The purchasing process captures the amendment in PeopleSoft

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Last Modified on November 7, 2019