Employee Monthly Expense Reimbursement

  • Who Completes This Task: Employees Seeking Reimbursement


    Timeframe: Submit within 30 days of month end



    SPPS employees can request reimbursement for items purchased with employee funds. Public purpose is the guiding principle and unacceptable purchases will not be reimbursed (eg: flowers for funerals or birthdays are not allowed, but flowers for student activities would be allowed). Employee union contract purchases must be routed to Human Resources for approval first. If purchase was made via credit card, the employee must be the account holder.



    • SPPS employee purchased acceptable items with personal funds in the previous month



    1. Open the Monthly Expense Reimbursement Report spreadsheet
    2. Use full name and home address
    3. List receipts separately
      1. For each expense you are seeking reimbursement
      2. Put the store name in the vendor column
    4. Sign and date the form
    5. Have supervisor sign and date the form
    6. Attach original receipts to support each listed expense
      1. Tape to an 8.5” x 11” piece of white paper, use a second page if needed
      2. Do not tape over any information
      3. Do not highlight anything
      4. Do not staple
      5. Make notes on the paper if needed.
      6. Number each receipt to correspond to the line number on the report
    7. Scan the report and all receipts into one pdf
      1. Name the PDF with month and year (eg: OCTOBER2015, APRIL2017)
    8. At the end of the month submit to the school or program clerk to enter into PeopleSoft
      1. Due no later than 30 days past the end of the month the expenses occurred in


    Documentation Required

    • Original itemized receipts (not credit card slips)
    • Purchases for food that isn’t for family and consumer science, core instruction, or community education must have a food approval attached
    • Completed Monthly Expense Reimbursement Report


Why This Is Important

    • To reduce the volume of vouchers for employee reimbursements
    • To reimburse for purchases in an acceptable time frame
    • Receipts turned in more than 30 days past the end of the month will not be reimbursed

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Last Modified on March 12, 2019