Field Trips/Student Admission Fees

  • Who Completes This Task: Clerk


    Timeframe: At least two weeks in advance



    • Field trip with an associated admission fee for students and attendees
    • Field trip that requires transportation


    Steps - Admission Fee

    A field trip requires an admission fee for students (eg: zoo, Valleyfair, Ordway):

    1. Check with the vendor on group rates
    2. Check with the vendor to see if they will bill the school district
      1. If not billing the district, and the cost is $3,500 or less, use a P-Card
      2. If not billing the district, and the cost is more than $3,500, submit a voucher for the minimum number of students and chaperones expected to attend
    3. If vendor supplies a bill, enter a voucher for payment
    4. If additional funds are needed after taking a final count, use P-Card for the remainder

     Use account code 6369 for field trip admissions and fees.


    Steps - Transportation

    Transportation of students, staff or participants must use vehicles owned or arranged by the Transportation Department. Keep transportation costs separate from admission costs.

    1. Submit the Field Trip Transportation Order Form at least 2 weeks in advance, including complete trip details
      1. Budget number and administrator
      2. Trip date
      3. Departure time (when the bus is to arrive for pick up)
      4. Return time (when the bus is to arrive for return trip pick up)
      5. Pick up location with specific loading point
      6. Destination address
      7. Name of group (eg: grade 3, Ms Chang’s class, etc)
      8. Name of person in charge of trip
      9. The number of students attending
      10. The number of adults attending
      11. Any special equipment needs (eg: wheel chair bus, safety vest anchors, trailer)
        • Include quantities needed for all special equipment
    2. Transportation will send a confirmation within two school days of receiving order
      1. Please review details for errors

     Use accounting code 6360 for field trip transportation, with a finance code other than 733.

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