Request for Bid

  • Who Completes This Task: Administrator


    Timeframe: 4 weeks to 3+ months



    Request for bid (RFB) is a formal method of solicitation for goods and services. Price and  responsiveness of vendor are primary features.



    • Check with the Purchasing Office on goods or services that cost $25,000 or more
    • Any service contracts that cost $50,000 or more
      • Splitting orders of like items to circumvent the process is prohibited



    1. Identify need for RFB and notify the Purchasing Office
    2. Develop request for bid content
    3. Contact purchasing to determine your next steps

Why This Is Important

    • It’s the law (see 2 CFR 200.318-323)
    • Good stewardship of public funds to procure goods or services required by the district
Last Modified on December 3, 2018