• Who Completes This Task: Federal Grant Program Managers and Clerks



    Federally funded acquisition of supplies or services up to $3,500 are micro-purchases. Competitive bids or quotes are not needed for these purchases if SPPS considers the price to be reasonable. Micro-purchases must be distributed equally among qualified suppliers.



    • Supply or service costing no more than $3,500
    • Price is reasonable
      • Not more than a prudent person would pay
      • Recognized as ordinary and necessary for operation
      • Purchase is a sound business practice
      • Market price is comparable for similar goods or services for the area



    1. Purchase may be made via P-Card, voucher, or requisition
    2. Monitor the activity report to ensure purchases are not all from the same source


    Documentation Required

    Federally funded micro-purchases require the following documentation:

    • The method or process of purchase and why it was used
    • If an agreement was used, the type and reason it was used
    • The process for selecting or rejecting a contractor
    • The basis for determining the price of a contract
    • Verification that the contractor (if used) is not debarred

Why This Is Important

Last Modified on October 29, 2018