• Who Completes This Task: Clerk



    Supplies are items used for day-to-day operations of a grant or program that are less expensive and less durable than equipment. Be sure to vary the vendors used for supply purchases.



    • Not equipment
    • Not a portable and attractive supply
    • Consumable within 3 years
      • Classroom library
      • Instructional manipulatives
      • Montessori materials



    1. Purchase item using P-Card or voucher
      1. Use account code 6401 for non-instructional items less than $5,000
      2. Use account code 6430 for instructional items less than $5,000
    2. When item arrives, inspect and determine it is in good order
      1. Return defective, damaged or incorrect materials
    3. If it seems portable and attractive but isn’t, apply a red SPPS property sticker
    4. Item may now be put into use


    Documentation Required

    • All purchases require:
      • Detailed receipts
    • Federally funded purchases up to $3,500 are considered micro-purchases and have special requirements
    • Federally funded purchases by noncompetitive process are sole-source purchases and have special requirements

Why This Is Important

Last Modified on October 30, 2018