• Who Completes This Task: Clerk or Building Inventory Manager



    All items classified as equipment are subject to SPPS property control procedures. Purchase of such items may not be conducted through a P-Card or voucher, as this bypasses Property Control.



    Equipment is defined as meeting all the following conditions:

    • Physical items made of durable material
    • Acquisition cost of $5,000 or more per unit or system
    • Minimum useful life of four years or more
    • Retains its original shape and appearance with use
    • Does not lose its identity through incorporation into a different or more complex unit



    1. Use the Purchase Requisition for Supplies and Equipment procedure
      1. Use account code 6530 for equipment valued at $5,000 or greater
      2. Use account code 6555 for technology equipment valued at $5,000 or greater
      3. See the Purchase Account Code Quick Guide for other codes
    2. Be sure to follow inventory tagging
    3. Item may now be put into use

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Last Modified on October 30, 2018