iUpdate: Complete multiple school and district forms online!


  • How do I access iUpdate?

  • I'm new to SPPS. How do I find my username and password?

  • What information can I complete in iUpdate?

  • What is a primary household? Why can only primary households complete iUpdate in Campus Portal?

  • Can I change my One Stop password?

  • Can I change my One Stop username?

  • How does it work when I have more than one student in SPPS? Do I need an account for each student?

  • Does my One Stop username and password work for Campus and Schoology?

  • iUpdate Sample Process

  • Additional Support Resources


  •  In AUGUST each year, parents and guardians in primary households are asked to complete iUpdate.

    Parents and guardians: 

    • Complete all, annually-required school and district forms including the Technology Use Agreement (for student iPad use), field trip and media permission forms.
    • Add or change primary and/or alternative addresses to ensure accurate school-bus transportation to and from home and/or childcare addresses. Please complete iUpdate by September 1. ​
    • Slideshow of the steps in iUpdate.

    Campus Parent

    To begin, log in (BEGINNING ON THE FIRST MONDAY IN AUGUST EACH YEAR) to Campus Parent.

    • Click Login.
    • Enter your One Stop username and password.
    • Click the link “CLICK BEGIN.”


    • If you DO NOT remember your One Stop Username and/or Password

      • Online: Go to spps.org/onestop​ and click the Reset/Recover Password button. Please note: You must have your email address or phone number listed in your child’s school records.

      If you DO NOT remember your One Stop Username and/or password.

      • By Phone:
        • Between June 15 and August 12 call the One Stop Support Line at 651-744-5145.
        • After August 12 contact your child’s school. Directory (Use tabs at the bottom of directory to switch between elementary, middle, and high)

    iUpdate is available August, making it possible for parents of students who join SPPS during the school year to complete required annual forms. However, parents are asked to complete iUpdate by September 1 each year or as soon as possible after joining the SPPS. Note: Only one parent or guardian in each primary household must complete iUpdate. 

    Assistance: Enrollment 651-632-3700 • Transportation: 651-696-9600 • EDL/Flipside 651-487-7386

  • Login to Campus Parent, Back-to-School iUpdate, and Summer Registration (K-8) and Household Update