Secondary Course List

Elementary Course List

  • The following elementary course numbers have progress report standards attached.


    V211001                 Arts Generalist K-5

    N220001                Communication Dual Lang

    P210111                 Dance K-5

    E211011                 ELD Language Arts

    E211021                 ELD Mathematics

    E211041                 ELD Science

    E211051                 ELD Social Studies

    N205001                 Elementary Class 1-5

    P210011                 General/Vocal Music K-5

    N210011                Gifted Services Spec 3-5

    N210001                Gifted Services Spec K-2

    G211111                 Health 1-5

    G210011                 Health K

    N230011                 Hmong Culture K-4

    N235011                 Hmong Culture 5

    H220011                 Immersion Global Studies K-1

    H222011                 Immersion Global Studies 2

    H223011                 Immersion Global Studies 3

    H224011                 Immersion Global Studies 4

    H225011                 Immersion Global Studies 5

    W211011                Indigenous and World Languages 4-5

    W210011                Indigenous and World Languages K-3

    P211001                 Instrumental Music K-5

    N202001                 Inter Experiential Learning

    N205011                 Kindergarten Class

    L211011                 Literacy 1

    L212011                 Literacy 2

    L213011                 Literacy 3

    L214011                 Literacy 4

    L215011                 Literacy 5

    L210011                 Literacy K

    N221011                Literacy/Partner Language 1

    N222011                Literacy/Partner Language 2

    N223011                Literacy/Partner Language 3

    N224011                Literacy/Partner Language 4

    N225011                Literacy/Partner Language 5

    N220011                Literacy/Partner Language K

    M211011                Mathematics 1

    M212011                Mathematics 2

    M213011                Mathematics 3

    M214011                Mathematics 4

    M215011                Mathematics 5

    M216011                Mathematics 6

    M210011                Mathematics K

    M217001                Mathematics Pre Algebra

    V212011                 Media Arts K-5

    P211111                 Music Therapy K-5

    G210111                 PE Specialist K-5

    G211011                 PE Generalist 1-5

    G210001                 PE Generalist K

    S211011                 Science 1

    S212011                 Science 2

    S213011                 Science 3

    S214011                 Science 4

    S215011                 Science 5

    S210011                 Science K

    H211011                Foundations of Social Studies 1

    H212011                Foundations of Social Studies 2

    H213011                Foundations of Social Studies 3

    H214001                North American Studies 4

    H215011               Early Americas History 5

    H210011               K Foundations of Social Studies

    N240011               Spanish/Latino Culture K-3

    N244011               Spanish/Latino Culture 4-5

    A215111               Social Skills Training

    G201001               Swimming

    T210011               Technology Specialist K-5

    P210001               Theater K-5

    V211011               Visual Arts K-5



    L220011                 Creative Problem Solving K

    L221011                 Creative Problem Solving 1

    L222011                 Creative Problem Solving 2-5



    L202111                Creative Writing



    H231101                Social Justice K

    H231111                Social Justice 1

    H231121                Social Justice 2

    H231131                Social Justice 3

    H231141                Social Justice 4

    H231151                Social Justice 5