Algebra I

  • This course is the first half of a two-part Algebra course focused on linear functions by exploring their multiple representations (tables, equations, graphs, and contexts).  Students will solve multi-step linear equations and inequalities with real numbers including absolute values, solve systems of equations, interpret data with lines of best fit, utilize the Pythagorean theorem, explore properties of radical and exponents, and apply this learning to solve real-world mathematical problems. This course prepares students to be mathematically literate, as well as prepare for future math courses, the 8th grade MN Math Standards, and the MN standardized math tests.



    Once the students have their iPads a lot of information can be found on Schoology.  Schoology is an extention of our classroom.  Homework calendars, video tutorials, assignments and projects, and resources can all be found on Schoology.  I do NOT accept paper copies of homework, students will be submitting their assignments on Schoology.  Submitting assignments on Schoology is extrememly helpful as a parent, you can see exactly what time and what students submitted on Schoology.  Please take time to explore Schoology and have your student show you how we are using it in class.  


    Parents have access to Schoology (if you have mutliple children you will be able to see all of their classes).  Please contact me immediately if you have any questions.