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    A grant is a legal contract between SPPS and an agency or organization distributing funding to accomplish a specific goal. It is not a gift, free of obligation or expectations. As a contract, it is essential to fully understand the final grant application and award.

    In all cases, SPPS is committed to the terms of the contract and must implement the project as approved while meeting all obligations.

    Grants can come from public and private sources. They can be as brief as a single activity or as long as a five-year project. Some grants allow for annual renewal. Some grants are awarded on a competitive basis, and others are awarded based on formulas.

    At SPPS, most grant dollars are federal funding that comes through the Minnesota Department of Education. The state administers and monitors these grants.


    Grant Facts

    • The agency providing funds sets terms and conditions for the award
    • SPPS has the right to control program operations without undue interference
    • State and federal regulations apply to the use of government funded grants
    • In most cases, grant funds may supplement, but not replace (supplant) existing funding
    • Many grants further knowledge and understanding on a facet or theory of education

Why This Is Important

    • SPPS procedures exist to ensure compliance with state and federal regulations
    • Grant regulations are not simple
    • SPPS provides staff support for applying, accepting and managing grant-funded projects
Last Modified on October 31, 2018