Accepting a Grant Award

  • Who Completes This Task: Applicant, Grant Manager, Grants Management Coordinator


    Timeframe: 1-6 weeks



    SPPS has a specific process for proceeding once a grant application has been accepted and funded. While this procedure can be followed without support, it is not advised.



    If any of the following are met:



    1. Inform Grants Office the project or proposal has been funded
    2. Submit award documents to the grants management coordinator (GMC), who will
      1. Add to the next board meeting for approval (if not already done)
      2. Get approval and signatures for any grant agreement
      3. Set up budget based on application budget and award documents
      4. Enter proposal and award into PeopleSoft Grants Management
      5. Notify grant manager and staff by email when all steps are complete
        • Copies of all approved and signed documents
        • Budget code and allocations per account
        • Notice of reporting dates
        • Contact information for other questions
    3. Review grant application and award documents to review expectations and requirements
    4. Send a thank you note to the funder
    5. Meet with the grants management coordinator to review steps to start up the project
    6. Establish a work plan based on the grant application
    7. Attend trainings as needed
    8. Attend funder meetings as required
    9. Submit requisitions to Human Relations to hire staff, if needed
    10. Submit requisitions to purchasing for consultants, if needed
    11. Create/convene any advisory committees


    Documentation Required

    • Award documents
    • Original application

Why This Is Important

Last Modified on November 7, 2019