Activity Report

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    An activity report is a line-by-line breakdown of revenue and expenditures. A lot of information can be gained by understanding what is on an activity report. This report is useful for spotting unapproved expenses or revenue. It also provides more detail than the Guideline Report.

    The header notes the dates included in the report.

    Vendor Name / Description – Vendor name or description of the activity

    • HR Payroll Journals MM/DD/YYYY - wages and benefits paid through payroll
    • AR / Minnesota Department of Education - AR indicates Account Receivable
    • AP / Teachers on Call - AP indicates an Account Payable, or money being spent
    • Indirect Cost Allocation - for grants only, an administrative fee charged to some grants
    • Correct JE 34542 - this is a correction for another journal entry

    Actual – The amount of funds for the transaction, may be negative

    Journal ID – The ID Code of the specific entry

    • PAY0000000 is a payroll entry
    • AP00000000 is a vendor payment through accounts payable

    Voucher ID – The identification number for each PeopleSoft voucher

    Invoice/Dep ID – Invoice or Deposit ID

    • Can be words such as Target-071817
    • Can be a number like 210-071517
    • Can be a name JonesJ-063017

    PO ID – The identification number to a specific Purchase Order

    Check # – The number of the check used to pay for the item

    Accounting DT – Accounting Date, the effective date of the transaction


    Correcting Errors

    The grant’s accountant will help resolve mysteries and problems. Copy the entire line from the report and email it to the accountant with questions. Corrections will show up in the next report. Accounting history is never erased, but there will be a journal entry to correct problems.

Why This Is Important

    • This report is an essential element for managing a budget

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Last Modified on May 30, 2019