Contract Closeout Checklist


  • At the conclusion of the contract, confirm the following:

    _____ All deliverables have been received and accepted

    _____ All reports have been delivered and accepted

    _____ All administrative actions have been accomplished

    _____ All SPPS-furnished equipment and materials have been returned



  • Ensure that:

    _____ The contract file is complete conforms to regulations

    _____ The contracted period has ended

    _____ The unencumbrance of funds has been accomplished, if required

    _____ All final determinations been completed

    _____ All optional provisions have expired


  • _____ Resolve disallowed payments or suspended costs

    _____ Verify all payments have been made

    _____ Ensure all refunds, rebates, and/or credits have been

    _____ Final payment has been made to the contractor



  • _____ Conduct an analysis of the contract process

Last Modified on November 1, 2018