Building-to-Building Move Request

  • To submit a building-to-building request, contact the head engineer at your building; they will assist you with your request.

    Distribution Services will move items from one building to another within the district.

    See Packing Guidelines and Instructions.

    The following information is needed to process a relocation request:

    • A description of the item/s to be relocated.
    • The name and phone numbers for the contact people at the sending and receiving locations.
    • A timeline requirement, if applicable.
    • Any concerns regarding the relocation.

    In general, items will not be removed from a building without confirmation that the building administrator, giving up the resource, approves the relocation.

    A label should be attached to anything being relocated. Please use a removable label, otherwise you could damage the item being moved.

    NOTE: The relocation of personal items is the responsibility of the staff member.