Furniture Repurposing and Replacement

  • Always mindful of budgets, Facilities staff will fix and refurbish broken or out-of-date furniture, and—if the furniture meets the department’s high furniture standards—the piece will be reissued to a site. Repurposing furniture also keeps items out of the waste stream and avoids disposal costs. SPPS also saves money by salvaging tin from broken furniture.


    1. The warehouse will be checked to see if there are any existing replacements that can be repurposed.

    2. If there is a repurposed piece, you will be notified with details on the piece and moving the furniture to your site.

    3. If there is NOT a repurposed piece available you will be given the opportunity to purchase new furniture.

    4. Once the new furniture is selected and details sent, you will receive a quote with the price of the furniture.

    5. It is your responsibility to secure funds for the new furniture from the principal or department lead at your site.

    6. Once funds are secured, please fill out a New Furniture Purchasing Form so your order can be completed and delivery details can be determined.