Key and Access Card Information

  • The Key and Access Card Procedure is intended to provide general operating guidelines to protect school staff and their facilities while also ensuring authorized access to areas for the efficient use of these spaces. Implementation and administration of this procedure will be the responsibility of the Department of Security and Emergency Management (SEM) and the Facilities Department.

    This work is envisioned to be a part of an overall strategy to provide our schools with the tools and processes necessary to succeed. An integral component of this program will be the Building Access Coordinator (BAC) (see related FAQ below). For example, the BAC would conduct an end-of-year check-out process that would allow us to collect teacher keys before summer break. This would help to ensure that summer school teachers get the keys they need, while we wouldn't needlessly make hundreds of keys for summer school. Our carpenters could then work on other tasks like installing white boards, ceiling and floor tiles.

    Implementation of a district wide access control procedure would provide the following outcomes:

    1. Increased safety and security for SPPS students, faculty, public and property.

    2. Standardized access levels so school space uses are effective and efficiency.

    3. Standardized tools and processes like BAC training, online key request forms and support.

    4. Decreased operational cost.

    5. Decreased liability.


FAQ: Building Access Coordinators (BAC)

  • 1. How do keys get ordered?

  • 2. Can I get a several extra master keys to give to substitutes and staff who use multiple rooms?

  • 3. Teachers like to keep keys over the summer. Is this okay if they plan on being back in the fall?

  • 4. How do I collect keys then?

  • 5. How do I store returned keys for the summer?

  • 6. What if someone refuses returning keys or makes a request for keys they shouldn’t have, do I need to be the enforcer?

  • 7. How do I track who has keys?

  • 8. How do I get new staff member card access rights, or get access turned off when they leave?

  • 9. What about file cabinet and desk keys?

  • 10. Who determines who the BAC will be in each building?