900 Albion

900 Albion
  • Sale of 900 Albion

    On July 11, 2017, the Board of Education approved a purchase agreement for the sale of the district property located at 900 Albion Avenue in Saint Paul.

    The Facilities Department, in collaboration with Cushman & Wakefield NorthMarq, is pleased to announce that it is offering its approved purchase agreement for the sale of the property to the J.A. Wedum Foundation.

    Questions about the development of the property following this sale may be directed to the J.A. Wedum Foundation by contacting their website,  www.wedumfoundation.org.


    History of the sale of 900 Albion

    The vacant, former school site is an approximately 5.4-acre parcel located at 900 Albion Avenue, St. Paul, (also referenced as 848 Albion Ave) and bounded by Lexington Parkway South and 7th Street West.

    It has been over 40 years since the triangle-shaped site, known as the Riverside Learning Center, has been used for K-12 educational purposes. “We’re confident that this property has a higher and better use than what the district is using it for,” said Tom Parent, Director of the Facilities Department at SPPS. The district has kept up regular maintenance of the building; however, it's in need of significant renovations. Also, the small size of the building and grounds are challenging to find an efficient educational use for it.

    “There is a lot of great things happening on West Seventh,” said Parent, referencing recent public and private investments in the corridor. “But this property isn’t part of the school district’s strategic needs for the next decade, and the resources that go into it are better utilized in supporting our 71 other sites.”

    Request for Proposal (RFP)

    Request for Proposal Q&A

    Appendix A- Aerial Photo

    Appendix B Site Plan

    Appendix C 1924 Drawings

    Appendix C 1959 Mechanical Boiler Room

    Appendix C 1998 Sanitary Sewer

    Appendix C 1999 Roofing

    Appendix D Asbestos & Reg Waste Bldg Survey

    Appendix D Phase I ESA Draft

    Appendix D Playground Review

    Appendix E Purchase and Sale Agreement Template

    Appendix F Authorized Signature Form

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