• Summer Learning Programs 2023 Job Opportunities

    Applications will be available February 9, 2023.


    Summer Learning Program 2023 Site Administrators select staff and confirm job offers.


    Hiring for Summer Learning Programs 2023 will begin in mid-February. Reaching out to Summer Learning Program 2023 Site Administrators to express interest in a position is recommended. If you are a current SPPS employee who has done so and has an email confirmed position for this summer from a Summer Learning Program 2023 Site Administrator, you do not need to complete an application. All other interested applicants should complete the online application as soon as possible.



    If agreeing to work or applying for a position that requires a license and the applicant’s license expires June 30, 2023, the applicant must renew their license effective before the first day of the session they are working. Teachers cannot work without a current license. 


    Applicants may apply for multiple positions based on qualifications.


    Apply at www.spps.org/hr. Click here for a list of job requisition numbers. Tip: For quickest search, click “View All Jobs” then type in the requisition number in the search box. 




    Frequently Asked Questions


    Application Process

    Q. When can I apply for a SLP position?

    A. All SLP positions will be posted for internal SPPS applicants  February 9, 2023 on the HR website and will remain open until filled. There will also be a Department News named “All Staff: Apply for SLP Positions” in The Bridge. To increase chances of placement, contact a site administrator/s to indicate your interest to work. 


    Q. How do I apply to work for a SLP position? 

    A. Go to: www.spps.org/hr, and click on “Employee Self Service” or “Prospective Employee,” then select “Careers.” Search “DAE Summer” will result in all PreK-12 SLP positions. Once the application is submitted, applicants will receive a confirmation email of application submission. 


    Q. Does an applicant need to attach a cover letter and resume?

    A. For a current SPPS employee, attaching a cover letter and resume are optional. If you are asked to do so, you may attach a Word document noting, “I am applying to be a SLP 2023 (the position you are applying for).”


    Q.  How will I know if I am hired to work during SLP?

    A.  Applicants will be notified by the site administrator and an email from SPPS Human Resources. 


    Q.  What is the hourly rate of pay for teaching SLP?

    A.  Steps 0-9: $35.00; Steps 10 and above: $40.00.



    SLP Set-Up Day


    Q.  Who attends the licensed staff training session?

    A.  There will be a paid 2-hour virtual SLP training session for licensed staff. Dates and time are to be determined (TBD). This training session is in addition to the in-person set-up day prior to program start.


    Q.  Who attends the all staff set-up day?

    A.  All SLP staff attend the six-hour site set-up day.


    Q.  What is the rate of pay for the training day and set-up day?

    A. Licensed staff are paid for six hours at the workshop rate of pay. Site Leaders are paid at the “present” rate of pay. Clerks and paraprofessionals are paid per their contracted rate.


    Q. Can a person work SLP if their license is expiring in 2023?

    A. No, unless their re-licensure paperwork has been submitted to the Minnesota Department of Education at the time of application for SLP. MDE License Lookup


    Q. Can teachers job share?

    A. Classroom teachers are encouraged to work all days of programming; however, a job share is allowed if approved by the site administrator/DAE office.


    Q. Can teachers take days off during SLP?

    A. Teachers are expected to teach all the days during the session.  Emergency situations involving severe illness/family death, etc. will be addressed on an individual basis by the site administrator.


    Q. Who can be hired as a paraprofessional?

    A. Applicants must be a current SPPS Educational Assistant (EA) or Teaching Assistant (TA).


    Q. Is there more information about being hired to teach music?

    A. Yes, please see Grades K-8 FAQ for Music Applicants Summer 2023.

    For additional information about SLP 2023, go to: summer.spps.org, call the Department of Alternative Education (651-744-8020), or email thy.dung.nguyen@spps.org (PreK-4), christopher.ederer@spps.org (5-8) or elizabeth.mercil@spps.org (9-12). 


    For assistance with the application procedure, please contact SPPS’s HR department at 651-767-8200.


    For technical assistance call 651-603-HELP or submit a service ticket to SPPS Technology Services online.