Public Comment



    Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and consistent with current state and federal pandemic guidance, the Board has determined that, due to the health pandemic and emergency declaration, a meeting format allowing for open in-person attendance is not practical or prudent. Therefore, the process for Public Comment at Regular Meetings of the Board of Education will temporarily be changed, per the vote of the Board of Education at the March 19, 2020 Emergency Meeting.

    While we work to best determine a process for Public Comment during these unprecedented times, please use these modes of communication to contact the Board regarding Public Comment statements:

    1) Leaving messages with the Board secretary at or 612-434-1105 that will be complied and distributed to Board members; and/or

    2) Sending email statements to the Board of Education email ( that will be compiled and distributed to Board members.

    3) Submitting comments online via Public Comment input form at


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