Date Received      Name                                             Subject                                                                                

    9/22/15                Jennie Wrenson                               Busing
    9/22/15                Bob Zick                                         Policy Revision 206.00 & Pay 16 Levy
    9/22/15                Timothy Kinley                                Youth Voice in District Decisions
    9/22/15                Greg Copeland                                Pay 16 Tax Levy
    10/20/15              Bob Zick                                         Student Growth
    11/17/15              Susan Montgomery                          Policy Inconsistencies
    11/17/15              Dyvonte Clinton                               Racism & Bullying
    11/17/15              Ann Malm                                        School Start Time
    11/17/15              Kristin Pickering                               School Start Times
    11/17/15              Virginia Palmer                                School Start Times
    11/17/15              Bob Zick                                         Achievement Gap-Inadequate Parenting
    11/17/15              Sara Veblen-Mortenson                    Later Start Times for High Schools
    11/17/15              Clair Mortenson                               Later Start Times for High Schools
    11/17/15              Timothy Kinley                                Televising Public Comment
    12/15/15              Pete McCauley                                 Hamline Elementary
    12/15/15              Nancy Vang & Jodie Wilson               Hamline Elementary & Collaborative
    12/15/15              Bob Zick                                         Student Learning & Achievement
    12/15/15              Timothy Kinley                                Violence in Schools
    1/19/16                Raphael Espanoza                           Situation at son's school/contract settlement
    1/19/16                Rainbow Espanoza                           Situation at son's school
    1/19/16                Rebecca Lessard Sanchez                Parent Engagement in schools
    1/19/16                Bob Zick                                         School Climate & Items for Future Agendas
    1/19/16                Tom Stinson                                    Concerns re: Related Services (Nurses, counselors, etc.)
    1/19/16                Joanne Hodgeman                           Parent engagement in schools
    1/19/16                Mary Karen Hetznecker                    Re-evaluating curriculum
    1/19/16                Kirinda Anderson                             Parent Involvement at schools
    1/19/16                Karen Palmen                                 Contract Negotiation
    1/19/16                Rashael Turner                               Implicit Bias & Lack of value for black students
    3/22/16                Susan Montgomery                         Poor school climate & no respect for students
    3/22/16                Taye Clinton                                   No teacher support for black students, harassment & discrimination
    3/22/16                Kaylynn Asberry                             Discrimination
    3/22/16                Davina Newman                              Suspensions, expulsions & Dismissal in schools
    3/22/16                Laura Jones                                    Suspension data/school climate
    3/22/16                Steffanie Christofore                       Hostile work environment, workplace harassment & bullying
    3/22/16                Sarah Atunah-Jay                           Early childhood learning & culturally responsive curriculum
    3/22/16                Joanne Hodgeman                           Data does not support student discipline issues
    3/22/16                Beth Jackson                                  Reasons leaving SPPS, racist teachers & those who support them
    3/22/16                Linda Broyles                                  Discrimination, racism
    3/22/16                Shauntel Adam                               Concerns re: Como & passive racism
    3/22/16                John Krenik                                    School safety
    3/22/16                Ann Haines                                     School climate
    3/22/16                Clayton Howatt                               Galtier
    3/22/16                Jim Endres                                     Teacher support
    4/26/16                Kate Meixell                                    PAC for Highland @Homecroft ECFE
    4/26/16                John Horton                                    New middle school & budget
    4/26/16                Windau, Cindy                                School & Community support professionals
    4/26/16                Brian Singer                                   Linwood Monroe Arts Plus
    4/26/16                Sally Rafowicz                                JJ Hill Pre-K thru 8
    4/26/16                Jason Johnson                                Linwood Monroe Arts Plus
    4/26/16                Rachel Panitzke                              Impact of school libraries
    4/26/16                Chris Wells                                     Linwood Monroe Arts Plus
    4/26/16                Isabel Patrick                                 School libraries
    4/26/16                Melody Nelson                                Importance of school librarians from teacher perspective
    4/26/16                Lumin Johnson                                FMP - support for Linwood project
    4/26/16                Ann Blumer-Lamotte                       Support for Linwood
    4/26/16                Michael Walker                               School community contract
    4/26/16                Christian King                                 School libraries
    4/26/16                Raul Caballero                                SCSP's play in schools
    4/26/16                Greg Williams                                 Planned closure of Galtier
    4/26/16                Jeffry Martin, Pres. NAACP               Meaningful school integration
    4/26/16                Tasha Rose Hodges                         Budget
    4/26/16                Clayton Howatt                               Galtier Elementary
    4/26/16                Selina Gant                                    Galtier
    4/26/16                Gabriel Russell                                OWL
    4/26/16                Robert Adams                                 Como
    4/26/16                Davina Newman                              Dissatisfaction with district
    5/17/16                Maurice Fields                                 School climate
    5/17/16                Daniel Bowman                               Zero tolerance policy
    5/17/16                James Farnsworth                           Budget and student engagement
    5/17/16                Lupe Thornhill                                 American Indian studies
    5/17/16                Bob Spaulding                                Impact of state cutbacks on SPPS
    5/17/16                Kris Beedle                                    IB/Jie Ming pathway from HP Elem to HP Middle & HS
    5/17/16                Molly Kratz                                     IB/Jie Ming pathway from HP Elem to HP Middle & HS
    5/17/16                Mara Martinson                               Galtier's unique programs
    5/17/16                Tiffany Dreher                                Budget - specialists & electives proposal
    5/17/16                Khulia Pringle                                  Discrimination at OWL and zero tolerance policy
    5/17/16                Laura Jones                                    Restorative justice pilots and district-wide support
    5/17/16                Emily Flowers                                  Experience of students of color in SPPS environment
    5/17/16                Chauntyll Allen                                Accountability & failure of district to teach children
    5/17/16                Charlotte Flowers                            Keep area E schools balanced & integrated
    5/17/16                Wendy Miller                                   Safety concern at Dayton's Bluff (hallway wall)
    OTHERS signed up but not able to speak on 5/17/16
    5/17/16                Clayton Howatt                                Galtier
    5/17/16                SPPS parent                                    Forsland suit
    5/17/16                Bob Zick                                         Items for future board agendas
    5/17/16                Christine McGuire                            Assets of instrumental music in 4-12 grades
    5/17/16                Rose Lewis                                      Student graduation
    5/17/16                Tim Kinley                                       Legislation
    5/17/16                Eric Ly                                             ?
    5/17/16                Cooper Vang                                    ?
    5/17/16                Keith Thao                                       ?
    6/21/16                Davina Newman                               Silva & Galtier
    6/21/16                Abraham Rafowicz                            JJ Hill Principal appointment
    6/21/16                Charles Rafowicz                              JJ Hill Principal appointment
    6/21/16                Andrew Karre                                   JJ Hill concerns
    6/21/16                Kate Mulinex                                    Principal at JJ Hill
    6/21/16                Nancy Jameson                                Funding restoration to the schools
    6/21/16                Oredola Taylor                                 Colored student access to world class curriculum & desire for high expectations of same
    6/21/16                Kristina Halvorson                            Fiscal responsibility to the community re budgets
    6/21/16                Oakley Biesanz                                Concern re proposed principal for JJ Hill
    6/21/16                Bob Zick                                          No golden parachute for Silva
    6/21/16                Bridget Moore                                  Proposed budget cuts are irresponsibile
    6/21/16                John Krenek                                    Support for SRO program & safe environment in schools
    6/21/16                Paul Washington                              Safety of colored students & treat with dignity
    6/21/16                Candice Lee                                    Loss of EIP program6/21/16       
    6/21/16                Andrew Pendelton                            Support for Superintendent
    OTHERS signed up but not able to speak on 6/21/16
    6/21/16                Daniel Heil                                      JJ Hill principal
    6/21/16                Mary Jane Sommerville                    SPPS budget
    6/21/16                Jackie McNamara                             JJ Hill
    6/21/16                Jacquie Thomas                               No cuts OFECP
    6/21/16                Kevin Motz                                      Comment times
    6/21/16                Tyrone Terrill                                  Black students
    6/21/16                Jeffrey Martin                                  Black Students
    6/21/16                Rashad Turner                                 Black students
    6/21/16                Rose Lewis                                      Cuts
    7/26/16                Davina Newman                               SROs need added training
    7/26/16                Dallas Robertson                              Commit to racial equity-scope of work in schools, SRO Contract-work in
                                                                                      best interest of students
    7/26/16                Mikisha Natiaon                                Information on Break Through Twin Cities
    7/26/16                Saffiyah Alaziz                                 Problems with SROs
    7/26/16                Makkah Salaam                               Money spent on SROs that could be used better in schools
    7/26/16                Ariani Ward                                     SROs not taking relationship with students seriously
    7/26/16                Paul Washington                              Assess effectiveness of bringing safety to students
    7/26/16                Rose Lewis                                      SROs-need to allow students at the table
    7/26/16                JoAnne Hodgeman                           No need for armed officers in the schools
    7/26/16                Chantelle Allen                                SROs not properly trained in de-escalation, cultural references and trauma training
    7/26/16                Lunette Zecha                                 More counselors in the schools
    7/26/16                Cimity Flowers                                School safety
    7/26/16                Jane Lampland                                PERK recommendations
    OTHERS signed up but not able to speak on 7/26/16
    7/26/16                Bob Zick                                         Items for future agendas
    7/26/16                Tim Kinley                                       ?
    8/23/16                LNFI Orchestra performed
    8/23/16                Kennedy Njoroge                             LNFI Music program
    8/23/16                Aida Faye                                        Benefits of LNFI music program
    8/23/16                Kathy Farm                                      Difficulties after purchase of T-shirt
    8/23/16                Terry Roepke                                  Concerns re: Highland Elem. expansion
    8/23/16                David Bird                                       Highland Elementary loss of green space
    8/23/16                Bob Zick                                         Cost of letting Silva go, lead in school water
    8/23/16                Davina Hoffman                               SROs
    8/23/16                Susan Zarande                                Music at LNFI
    8/23/16                Tim Kinley                                       Civics in the schools
    OTHERS signed up but not able to speak on 8/23/16
    8/23/16                Darcy Tinnes                                   Highland Elementary
    8/23/16                Malachi Raymond                             9th Grade OWL Student BOE Comments
    9/20/16                Brian Aldes                                      TA Labor Negotiations
    9/20/16                Jeff Martin-NAACP                            Integration Task Force
    9/20/16                Andreas Jepssen                              Protocol to increase transparency between Board and SPPS Legal
    9/20/16                Greg Copeland                                 Make negotiations public, budget reduction
    9/20/16                Luke Stultz                                      1050 Kent - lack of communication on project
    9/20/16                Paul Montag                                     Opposition to 1050 Kent project
    9/20/16                Terry Jarrett                                    Requirements of TA job - contract negotiations
    9/20/16                Lynda Hansen                                  Need for living wage - TA negotiations
    9/20/16                Cindy Windon                                  Labor contract
    9/20/16                Kevin Matz                                      Need for change to public comment format
    9/20/16                Russell Packard                               TA contract - need for living wage
    9/20/16                Sami Gabriel                                   Negotiation on TA contract
    9/20/16                Wendi Zarse                                   1050 Kent project - lack of communication
    OTHERS signed up but not able to speak on 9/20/16
    9/20/16                Bob Zick                                         Future agenda items
    10/25/16              Paolo Provenzano                            Start times - replace one problem with greater one
    10/25/16              Ronnie Sprigler                               Classroom safety, bus safety, work climate
    10/25/16              Joan Duncanson                              Value of teaching assistants in the schools
    10/25/16              Michael Thompson                           Support for later start times in high schools
    10/25/16              Tom Benson                                    Support for change in start times
    10/25/16              Roxanne Prichard                            Support for change in start times particularly because of neurological impacts
    10/25/16              Adriana Alejandro-Osorio                 Oppose change in start times for elementary
    10/25/16              Melanie McMahon                            Cost to families for change in start times for elementary
    10/25/16              Martin Hoerth                                   Value of TAs
    10/25/16              Tia Anderson                                   Do not change elementary start times
    10/25/16              Jeff Horwich                                    Oppose start time changes - impact on children and families, particular
                                                                                     magnet schools and most vulnerable populations
    10/25/16              Peter Hendricks                               Limited community engagement relative to start time changes
    10/25/16              Bernae Gunderson                           Safety, respect, equity for TAs
    10/25/16              Khulia Pringle                                  Overview of Students for Educational Reform survey results
    OTHERS signed up but not able to speak on 10/25/16
    10/25/16              Rebekah Levreau                            Rethinking school start times
    10/25/16              Greg Felice                                     Start times
    10/25/16              Jonathan Waldo                               Start Times
    10/25/16              Sue Austin                                      Start times
    10/25/16              Brian Aldes                                     Contract
    10/25/16              Bob Kolstag                                     Contract
    10/25/16              Wendy Daniels                                 Contract
    11/15/16              Paolo Provenzano                            Do not change School Start Times for elementary
    11/15/16              Tracie Nordstrom                             Value of TAs in the schools
    11/15/16              Catherine Bickharry                         TA contract & the difficulty of their job re: student behavior
    11/15/16              Greg Felice                                      Delay start time changes
    11/15/16              Bobbie Harper (Obama)                    Behavior & social needs in classrooms, citywide busing
    11/15/16              Linda Smaller                                   Commitment to protect civil rights & safety of all students (bias incidents
                                                                                      & hate crime events)
    11/15/16              Kaiyng Vang-Lor                               Start Time & concerns about younger students taking bus to school
    11/15/16              Rebekah Levreau                              Start times
    11/15/16              Jonathan Waldo                                Start times - allow new superintendent to roll into new strategic plan
    11/15/16              Amber Waldo                                    Concern about effects of start times changes and solving transportation
                                                                                       issues associated with it
    11/15/16              Brenda Natala                                   Seek perspective from all families on elementary start times (involves age 3 thru Pre-K)
    11/15/16              Azia Brown                                       Teacher - bias issues
    11/15/16              Khulia Pringle                                     (Students for Ed Reform) More training on cultural equlity, concern about
                                                                                       hate crimes in high schools
    11/15/16              Joel Updyke                                       Support later start times for secondary but not for elementary
    11/15/16              James Farnsworth                              Concern about budget shortfalls, decreases in enrollment, recommended
                                                                                       eliminating wait listing
    12/13/16              Kate Herold                                       Consider Rondo Ed Center as one entity when doing start time change
    12/13/16              Vasko Carlson                                   Education, Innovation, Productivity
    12/13/16              Megan Brown                                     Obama improvement plan
    12/13/16              Marc Manderscheid                             Board needs to set direction, show leadership
    12/13/16              Joshua Loahr                                      TA contract - bring to living wage
    12/13/16              Ember Reichgott Junge                        Nonprofit "Heart of Dance" - SPPS participation
    12/13/16              Jennifer Brown                                   Oppose school start time changes for elementary
    12/13/16              Suzanne Darnell                                 Oppose school start time changes for elementary impact important family time
    12/13/16              Tyrone Brookins                                 Jie Ming Mandarin Immersion - maintain standards and progress made
    12/13/16              Khulia Pringle                                     Suspension rates for SPPS particularly black and brown students
    12/13/16              Arden Ashley-Wurtmann                     Support for start time changes
    12/13/16              Emily Flowers                                    Suspensions - what is being done about it??
    1/24/17                Jordan Mobley                                   Spoke in favor of SROs
    1/24/17                Shemar Adams                                  Spoke in favor of SROs
    1/24/17                Cassie Krois                                      Kudos to schools SRO
    1/24/17                Brian Sanders                                    Race & Culture inequality - inclusion of Hmong New Year
    1/24/17                Melissa Gallagher                               Harassment & bullying of son by school admin.
    1/24/17                Bob Zick                                            Naming schools - custodial staff
    1/24/17                Laura Jones                                       Racial disparity & restorative practices
    1/24/17                Jessica Kopp                                      Hamline Elementary Full Service Community School Grant
    1/24/17                Emily Flowers                                    Spoke against SROs in schools
    2/21/17                Muna Mohamed                                  Value of CTE Medical Careers Program at Humboldt
    2/21/17                Nereida Pena                                     Value of CTE - CPA in preparing for the future
    2/21/17                Emily Flower                                      Reporting on SRO & student incident
    3/21/17                Lucius Giusti Brownell                        School bullying, students told to leave, school staff not stopping bullying
    3/21/17                Kailin Giusti Brownell                         School bullying, students told to leave, school staff not stopping bullying
    3/21/17                Nicola Giusti                                      Bullying of children, policies on bullying prohibition
    3/21/17                Lah Lah                                            Value of ELL programming at LEAP
    3/21/17                Nimo Ahmed                                     Value of ELL programming at LEAP & Need for more time
    3/21/17                Ma Has Poe                                       ELL - difficulty of learning English and need for more time to learn
    3/21/17                Sam Davita                                       SPPS delivery of ELL services & brining them into compliance
    3/21/17                Kristi Herman Hill                               SPPS bring into compliance per MDE audit
    3/21/17                D.J. Dahl                                          Support for K-12 ELL programming but need for additional ELL supports at Hubb
    3/21/17                David Barrett                                    Support for Aerospace programs at Farnsworth
    3/21/17                Kathy Fox Christensen                       Support for Aerospace program & STEAM
    3/21/17                Anitra Krogman                                 Support for Aerospace program in SPPS
    3/21/17                Kristine Hartman                               SPPS custodial support
    4/25/17                Birch Hansen                                     Parent access to student information
    4/25/17                Jim White                                         Comments on good things happening at Ramsey
    4/25/17                Kathy Glover                                    Placement issues with ELL re: refugees
    4/25/17                Clayton Howatt                                 Statement of Galtier vision, funding level & enrollments
    4/25/17                Peter Hendricks                                Consulting services provided for Superintendent search
    4/25/17                Elizabeth Lake                                  Groveland and its budget
    4/25/17                Kathryn Wegner                               Groveland budget & long-term diminishing state of revenue
    4/25/17                Neha Lang                                       Budget cuts at Groveland
    5/16/17                Birch Hansen                                   Parent Access to Student Information
    6/20/17                Michelle Wall                                   Educational Programming accountability - health, phy ed, arts
    6/20/17                Stephanie Bowron                           Value of music in education
    6/20/17                Colleen Zuro-White                          Friends of highland Arts - advocacy for arts education
    6/20/17                Joshua Loahr                                   Food service contract
    6/20/17                Monica Nelson-Thiele                       Food service contract, abuse of power (sick time)
    6/20/17                Stephanie Sandback                        Support for nutrition services contract
    6/20/17                Mary McCann                                  Fair wages for nutrition services
    6/20/17                Janet Trost                                     Fair wages for nutrition services
    6/20/17                Ju Choj Fung                                  Teachers of color
    6/20/17                Johanna De'avila                             Non-renewal of probationary contract
    6/20/17                Colleen Lancett                               Non-renewal of probationary contract

    7/11/17                Kris Hartman                                  Custodial Support
    7/11/17                Bob Zick                                        Item for Future Agenda
    7/11/17                Stephanie                                      Raise for NSAs
    7/11/17                Cheryl Wood                                  Nutrition Services
    7/11/17                Noreen G                                       Central
    7/11/17                Paula Caballero                              Como Park HS
    7/11/17                Marika Stalock                               LibraryGo/SPPL
    7/11/17                Birch Hansen                                 Parent Access to Student Information
    7/11/17                Tim Kinley                                    Mission Statement
    7/11/17                Bev Moulin                                    Nutrition Services Contract

    8/15/17                Joshua Loahr                                  Food Service Contract
    8/15/17                Michelle Fallon                                SRO Contract
    8/15/17                Linda Kantner                                 SRO Support
    8/15/17                John Thompson                              Nutrition Services
    8/15/17                Bob Zick                                        Info Request & Future Agenda Items
    8/15/17                Avonnie & Ja'Prie                            SRO Contract
    8/15/17                David Ajay                                     Process for decision making
    8/15/17                Dontrell Tremble                             Better teachers
    8/15/17                Kirstie Doag                                   Custodian Pay Cut
    8/15/17                Bonnie Walters                               Nutrition Services
    8/15/17               Owen Hanson                                 ECFE West Side Staffing, Communication, and Decision Making
    8/15/17             Leah Shepard                                 ECFE West Side Staffing, Communication, and Decision Making
    8/15/17               Kip Hedges                                     Food Service Contract
    8/15/17              Tom Goldstein                                 Food Service Contract
    8/15/17              Elizabeth Dickinson                          Food Service Contract

    9/19/17                Shayla Brooks & St. Paul Stars        Synronized Swimming
    9/19/17                Peter Hendricks                              School Start Times
    9/19/17                Jennifer Ehrlich                              School Start Times
    9/19/17                Julian LaFerla                                  Behavioral Support at Adams Spanish Immersion
    9/19/17                Alicia Turenne                                Behavioral Support at Adams Spanish Immersion
    9/19/17                Maximo Gonzalez                           Custodian Pay
    9/19/17               David Ajay                                     Process for decision making
    9/19/17              Kris Hartman                                  Levy
    9/19/17               Shirley Baysinger                           Wage Increase
    9/19/17               Jennifer Kowalewski                       School Start Times
    9/19/17               Tia Anderson                                 School Start Times
    9/19/17                Mike Brennan                                Food Service Contract
    9/19/17              Noreen Edwards                              Food Service Contract
    9/19/17               Amey Obi-Kpelo                             Food Service Contract

    9/19/17               Joshua Loahr                             Not able to speak due to time
    9/19/17               Bob Zick                                   Not able to speak due to time
    9/19/17               Mary McMahon                          Not able to speak due to time  
    9/19/17                Susan Sajevic                          Not able to speak due to time 
    9/19/17              Anita Miletto                              Not able to speak due to time 

    9/19/17                Bev Moulin                              Not able to speak due to time 
    9/19/17              Monica Nelson-Thiele                 Not able to speak due to time 

    9/19/17              John Thompson                         Not able to speak due to time 

    10/17/17                James Khan                                School Start Times
    10/17/17                David Quosig                              School Start Times
    10/17/17                Greg Copeland                            School Start Times
    10/17/17                Jacqueline Baronian                     School Start Times
    10/17/17                Abby Nelson and Natalie Yang       School Start Times
    10/17/17                Pat Auran                                    School Start Times

    10/17/17                Jessica Kopp                                School Start Times

    10/17/17                Marta Shore                                 Increase Funding and Provide Equitable Schools
    10/17/17                Daria Caldwell                              Need for more support staff
    10/17/17                Nicole Nolen                                Payments in lieu of taxes
    10/17/17                Mark Lanener                               School Start Times
    10/17/17                Monica Nelson-Thiele                    Not able to speak due to time
    10/17/17                Bob Zick                                       Not able to speak due to time
    10/17/17                Jenna Styles-Spooner                   Not able to speak due to time
    10/17/17                SeePha Vang                               Not able to speak due to time

    10/17/17                John Thompson                          Not able to speak due to time

    11/14/17                Bob Zick                                   Future Agenda Items
    11/14/17                Beth Swanberg                          Negotiations - SPFT
    11/14/17                Nick Faber                                Negotiations - SPFT
    11/14/17                Jordan Ash                               School Revenue - SPFT

    12/19/17               Hannah Powers                         Robotics Class
    12/19/17               Eleanor O'Callaghan                  Robotics Class
    12/19/17               Isaac Schneider                        Robotics Class
    12/19/17               Qwadir Moran                           Robotics Class
    12/19/17               Eva Langenbrunner                   Robotics Class
    12/19/17               Martha Johnson                        Special Education Policy
    12/19/17               Lisa Randall                              Special Education Policy
    12/19/17               Amy Eelkema                           Special Education Policy
    12/19/17               Brian Sanders                           Equity in Holiday Celebrations
    12/19/17               Erica Schatzlein                        Additional Revenue for Schools
    12/19/17               Bob Spaulding                          Support of the District and Union signing off on QComp funding
    12/19/17               Peter Hendricks                         Budget/QComp
    12/19/17               John Thompson                         SPPS
    12/19/17               Bob Zick                                   Future agenda items

    1/30/18                 Avery Welna                             Restorative Practices
    1/30/18                 John Steigauf                           Contracts
    1/30/18                 Sue Cammisul                          Educational Assistants
    1/30/18                 Lisa Czech                                Nurses
    1/30/18                 Kathryn Wegner                        Equitible Fully Funded Schools; Inadequate school funding
    1/30/18                 Kristine Monita                         The work of restorative practice and it's impact on Battle Creek Middle School
    1/30/18                 Raj                                          Evidence Based Restorative Process
    1/30/18                 Joan Duncanson                       Special Education
    1/30/18                 Holly Tauer                               Restorative Practices
    1/30/18                 Bob Zick                                  Future Agenda Items
    1/30/18                 Kaye Peters                              SPFT and negotiations

    2/20/18                Maeve Handley                          Literacy
    2/20/18                Jessica Kopp                              
    2/20/18                Sarah Doll                                 Literacy
    2/20/18                Kayla Farhang                            Literacy
    2/20/18                Bob Zick                                   Future Agenda Items
    2/20/18                Kaleed Mohammed                    Literacy

    3/20/18                 Dee Paw                                  Work-based Learning Activities
    3/20/18                 Marlen Morales Meija                Programs like STEPS, Genesys, Work Experiences
    3/20/18                 William Ramage                       Work Experience at Urban BoatBuilders
    3/20/18                 Jai'Patric Timberlake                 Work Experience at Urban BoatBuilders
    3/20/18                 Tim Moore                               Sandy Hook Promise
    3/20/18                 Ray Brackman                         School Safety
    3/20/18                 Maya Little                              Literacy Gap
    3/20/18                 Juliane Bur                              Literacy Gap
    3/20/18                 Sarah Doll                               Literacy Gap
    3/20/18                 Maeve Handley                        Literacy Gap
    3/20/18                 Kenneth Eban                          Literacy Gap                                                                                                      3/20/18                 Bob Zick                                 Not able to speak due to time

    4/24/18                Maxfield Students & Coaches           Asthma and Inhalers in Schools
    4/24/18               Lynn Krautbauer                             Capital Hill Funding
    4/24/18               Laura LaBlanc                                 Resolution to Form a Joint Powers Entity
    4/24/18              Viviane Vang                                  Hmong New Year and Holiday Celebrations
    4/24/18               See Lee                                           Hmong New Year and Holiday Celebrations
    4/24/18              Shoua Xue Lee                                 Hmong New Year and Holiday Celebrations
    4/24/18               Dia Yang                                      Hmong New Year and Holiday Celebrations
    4/24/18               Akia Yang                                    Hmong New Year and Holiday Celebrations
    4/24/18               George Thawmoo                            Karen New Year and Holiday Celebrations
    4/24/18               Dr. Zha Blong Xiong                        Hmong New Year and Holiday Celebrations
    4/24/18               Carla Robinson                               Not able to speak due to time
    4/24/18               Shafequah Adbullah                        Not able to speak due to time
    4/24/18              Ben Golnik                                     Not able to speak due to time
    4/24/18               Abdi Ahmed                                   Not able to speak due to time
    4/24/18               Heather Kieweg                              Not able to speak due to time
    4/24/18               Fariya Abdi                                     Not able to speak due to time
    4/24/18               Harun Mohamed                             Not able to speak due to time
    4/24/18               Moin Syed                                     Not able to speak due to time
    4/24/18               Molly Kratz                                    Not able to speak due to time
    4/24/18               Deepa Nirmal                                Not able to speak due to time
    4/24/18               Tyler Simmers                              Not able to speak due to time
    4/24/18               Chet Anderson                              Not able to speak due to time
    4/24/18               Tiffini Forlsund                              Not able to speak due to time
    4/24/18               Eliza Jernberg                                Not able to speak due to time

    4/24/18               Noah Branch                                Not able to speak due to time
    4/24/18               Kenneth eban                              Not able to speak due to time

    5/22/2018           Bryn King                             Russian Language Program at Central

    5/22/2018           Simon Mulrooney              Russian Language Program at Central

    5/22/2018            Alexander Hydrie               Russian Language Program at Central

    5/22/2018           Jasper Zarkower                 Russian Language Program at Central

    5/22/2018           Kyle Reimnitz                      Russian Language Program at Central

    5/22/2018           Vitor Grail Yonzon              Russian Language Program at Central

    5/22/2018           Charles Moe                        Russian Language Program at Central

    5/22/2018           Olivia Gesualdo                  Russian Language Program at Central

    5/22/2018           David Zarkower                  Russian Language Program at Central

    5/22/2018           Jill Moe                                Russian Language Program at Central

    5/22/2018           Bryn King                             Russian Language Program at Central

    5/22/2018           Shane Perry                         Russian Language Program at Central

    5/22/2018           Kwe Knyaw                         LEAP High School Teacher Cuts

    5/22/2018           Abshir Mohamed               LEAP High School Teacher Cuts

    5/22/2018           Esmeralda Carrillo              LEAP High School Teacher Cuts

    5/22/2018           Anisa Mohamed                 LEAP High School Teacher Cuts

    5/22/2018           Heran Tsegaye                    LEAP High School Teacher Cuts

    5/22/2018           Sudi Ahmed                        LEAP High School Teacher Cuts

    5/22/2018           Yomiyu Gafesu                   LEAP High School Teacher Cuts

    5/22/2018           Ava Turino                           Linwood Monroe Name Change

    5/22/2018           Vita Hochuli                        Linwood Monroe Name Change

    5/22/2018           Alexander Hochuli              Linwood Monroe Name Change

    5/22/2018           Patrick Fleury                      Linwood Monroe Name Change

    5/22/2018           Jason Johnson                     Linwood Monroe Name Change

    5/22/2018           Ben Golnik                          Capitol Hill Budget

    5/22/2018           Kate Herold                         Capitol Hill Budget

    5/22/2018           Christi Krautbauer              Capitol Hill Budget

    5/22/2018           Vince Chan                          Capitol Hill Budget

    5/22/2018           Maximo Gonzalez              Not able to speak due to time

    5/22/2018           Kris Hartman                      Not able to speak due to time

    5/22/2018           John Boland                        Not able to speak due to time

    5/22/2018           Jessica Kopp                        Not able to speak due to time

    6/19/18                Alex Kotze                           Horace Mann PTA Gift/School Funding
    6/19/18                Shoua Yang                         Importance of having a Hmong Assistant Principal and Cultural liaison at Harding Senior High
    6/19/18                Chu Xiong                           Importance of having a Hmong Assistant Principal and Cultural liaison at Harding Senior High
    6/19/18                HHJ                                    Importance of having a Hmong Assistant Principal and Cultural liaison at Harding Senior High
    6/19/18                Aleena                                Importance of having a Hmong Assistant Principal and Cultural liaison at Harding Senior High
    6/19/18                Savor Johnson                     Importance of having a Hmong Assistant Principal and Cultural liaison at Harding Senior High
    6/19/18                Xai Wa Xiong                       Importance of having a Hmong Assistant Principal and Cultural liaison at Harding Senior High
    6/19/18                Kris Hartman                       Budget
    6/19/18                Jessica Kopp                        Budget
    6/19/18                Kirsti Doer                           Budget
    6/19/18                Al Hanzal                             Monroe Name Change
    6/19/18                Pat Fleury                            Monroe Name Change
    6/19/18                June Blue                            Not able to speak due to time
    6/19/18                John thompson                    Not able to speak due to time

    7/17/18                June Blue                           American Indian Magnet
    7/17/18                Pam Gokey                         American Indian Magnet
    7/17/18                Sierra Asumu-Tutu              American Indian Magnet
    7/17/18                Clayton Howatt                   Sexual Harrassment
    7/17/18                Emily Spende                     Sexual Harrassment
    7/17/18                Virginia Simek                    Renaming of Monroe
    7/17/18                Mike Pickett                       Renaming of Monroe
    7/17/18                Brian Sanders                    School holidays and school safety
    7/17/18                Bob Zick                            Future agenda items

    8/21/18                Snap Leitner                       Safe Summer Nights/Monroe HS
    8/21/18                Tracine Asberry                   Saint Paul Youth Services
    8/21/18                Andrea Touhy                      Broadening pool of school board candidates/Referendum
    8/21/18                Tony Sanneh                       Sannah Foundation
    9/18/18                Madi Lindeman                   Positive Impact of Agriculture and FFA
    9/18/18                Po Thaw                             Positive Impact of Agriculture and FFA
    9/18/18                Va Lee                               SPPS Referendum
    9/18/18                Selena Vue                         SPPS Referendum
    9/18/18                KaYing Yang                       SPPS Referendum
    9/18/18                Chris Naw                          SPPS Referendum
    9/18/18                Moses Moe                         SPPS Referendum
    9/18/18                Kay Moua                           SPPS Referendum
    9/18/18                Pam Thao                           SPPS Referendum
    9/18/18                Cameron Yang                    SPPS Referendum
    9/18/18                Kou Hang                           SPPS Referendum
    9/18/18                Wendy Zarse                      RiverEast
    9/18/18                Brian Sanders                     Holiday Celebrations
    9/18/18                Dianne Binns                      Joint Powers Agreement 

    10/23/18             Marry ThaDarSoe                 Humboldt's Academy of Info. Tech.
    10/23/18             Soua Yang                           Humboldt's Academy of Info. Tech.
    10/23/18             Kathy Glover                        Sustainability in SPPS
    10/23/18             Joanne Hodgeman                Suspensions
    10/23/18             TC Duong                            Recommendations to Support Asian American Students
    10/23/18             Tiffany Dreher                      In Support of CAAL

    11/13/18             Kalkidan Animut                  Humboldt's Medical Career Pathway
    11/13/18             Hanna Debele                     Humboldt's Medical Career Pathway
    11/13/18             Kate Herold                         Referendum
    11/13/18             Kirstie Doar                         Contracts
    11/13/18             Jessica Kopp                       Hamline Elementary Bush Foundation Grant

    12/18/18              Lucas Plaman                     LGBTQ in SPPS
    12/18/18              Aaliyah Hodge                    People for PSEO
    12/18/18              Brook LaFloe                      People for PSEO
    12/18/18              Peter Jarka-Sellers             Consent Education in SPPS
    12/18/18              Kris Hartman                     Custodial
    12/18/18              Kevin Martinson                 Custodial
    12/18/18              James Doyle                      Rooftop Solar Panels
    12/18/18              Chelsea DeArmond             Rooftop Solar Panels
    12/18/18              Mari Hirabayashi                 Rooftop Solar Panels
    12/18/18              Sophia Rabins                    Rooftop Solar Panels
    12/18/18              Rhetta Powers                    Rooftop Solar Panels
    12/18/18              Grant Stevenson                Rooftop Solar Panels
    12/18/18              Valerie Shirley                   Adaptive Sports
    12/18/18              John Galeo                       Custodial

    1/22/19               Max Gonzalez                   Custodial Contract
    1/22/19               John Boland                     Health Benefits Opt-In Policy
    2/19/19                Millenium Amha               Career and Technical ED Program
    2/19/19               Karin McCabe                    Value for and the need of employees in the construction trades
    2/19/19               Avery Alex                        LGBTQ inclusion in the schools
    2/19/19               Hannah Edwards               LGBTQ inclusion in the schools
    2/19/19               Oluchi Omeoga                  LGBTQ inclusion in the schools
    2/19/19               Nick Faber                         Support of the SEAB proposal around Ethnic Studies
    2/19/19               Dallas Robertson                LLI intervention implementation
    2/19/19               Jennifer McPherson             LLI intervention implementation
    2/19/19               Kris Hartman                     Custodial Contract
    2/19/19               John Thompson                   
    2/19/19               Beatrice Franklin                 Ethnic Studies
    2/19/19               Micah Coatie                       Ethnic Studies
    2/19/19               Non Yang                            Ethnic Studies
    2/19/19               Jose Castillo                       Recess in Winter
    3/19/19               Stephanie Kennelly             Practice of mindfulness, movement and social/emotional learning.
    3/19/19               William Moore                    Wellness Policy

    4/23/19                Caitlin Johnson & Maxfield Students     Effects of Asthma 
    4/23/19                Russell Packard                            TA and Teacher retention, relations and level 3 schools
    4/23/19                Joann Hodgeman                          Seclusion Rooms

    5/21/19               Braiziah Dixon                   Concerns about racism in schools
    5/21/19               Britany Dixon                    Concerns about racism in schools
    5/21/19               John Thompson                 Schools
    5/21/19               Bob Zick                           Facilities Department
    5/21/19               John Krenik                       Facilities Department
    5/21/19               Charles Colvin                   PEIP Health Insurance
    5/21/19               Gwen Peterson                  Concerns about racism in school

    6/18/19              Alexander Hochuli              LMAP Name Change
    6/18/19              Vita Hochuli                       LMAP Name Change
    6/18/19              Joelle Hochuli                    LMAP Name Change
    6/18/19              Steve Heitzeg                    LMAP Name Change
    6/18/19              Al Hanzal                          LMAP Name Change
    6/18/19              Patrick Fleury                    LMAP Name Change
    6/18/19              Dave Bredemus                 LMAP Name Change
    6/18/19              Mary Zanmiller                  LMAP Name Change
    6/18/19              SPYS YouthPower              SPPS Achieves
    6/18/19              Andres Rodriguez               PEIP
    6/18/19              Derrick Clark                     PEIP

    7/23/19              Charlie Colvin                  Health Care Contract
    7/23/19              Patrick Mulvaney              Insurance Breach of Contract
    7/23/19             Joan Duncanson                Health Insurance Contract
    7/23/19              Jean Walker                     Health Insurance Contract
    7/23/19              Kris Hartman                   PEIP
    7/23/19              James Thomas                 Letter from Ministerial Alliance
    7/23/19              Runny Patterson             Concerns about Student Issues
    7/23/19              Pastor Paul Slack              Concerns about Student Issues
    7/23/19              Tyrone Terrill                    Education of African-American Children
    7/23/19              Sammie Chapman             PEIP
    7/23/19              Carol Aalonen                   Health Care

    8/20/19             Nathan Strenge                Oversight of Facilities
    8/20/19             Joe Nathan                      Homelessness and other issues
    8/20/19             Charlie Colvin                  SPFE and PEIP
    8/20/19             Kirstie Doer                     Custodial Contract

    9/17/19             Concerned Parents of ANEW BAM      Access, resources and support
    9/17/19              Lesley Lavery              Charter School Moratorium, Start Times, School Breakfast
    9/17/19              Mark Miles                  Financial Abuse, RFP Processes and Procedures
    9/17/19              Dianne Binns               School Start Times
    9/17/19              Julia Burgess               Start Times, Communication, Fundraising
    9/17/19              Angela Vreeland          Partners in Energy and Sustainability
    9/17/19              Mark Lehner                Attendance

    10/22/19             Kathryn Wegner           Parents for St. Paul Schools
    10/22/19             Jennifer Klingsbury Yungers            Parents for St. Paul Schools
    10/22/19             Lesley Lavery             Parents for St. Paul Schools
    10/22/19             Todd Marder               Mental Health
    10/22/19             Brenda Burnside

    11/19/19             Alexander Yang           Hmong American Day
    11/19/19             Nhia Lor,                    Hmong American Day
    11/19/19             Athena Yang               Hmong American Day
    11/19/19             MaiKou Vang              Hmong American Day
    11/19/19              Long Yang                 Hmong American Day
    11/19/19             Txianeng Vang            Hmong American Day
    11/19/19             Dallas Robertson         Professional Development for TAs
    11/19/19             Joshua Loahr              SPPS Achieves and professional development for TAs
    11/19/19             Michelle Wall              Well-rounded education/budget/resource decisions
    11/19/19             Angela Kohlana           In support of SPFE proposal for increased mental health supports
    11/19/19             Leigh Vang                 SPFE Negotiations

    11/19/19             Tom Stinson               SPFE Negotiations
    11/19/19             Antonio Montez           Immersion Program support
    11/19/19             Bruce Corre                Immersion Program support

    12/17/19               Maiv Cib Lis Her          Hmong Dual Immersion
    12/17/19               Xang Her                    Hmong Dual Immersion
    12/17/19               Thai Xiong                  Hmong Dual Immersion
    12/17/19               Mayong Vang              Hmong Dual Immersion
    12/17/19               Lis Thao                     Hmong Dual Immersion
    12/17/19               Ka Nah Vue                Hmong Dual Immersion
    12/17/19               Wa Thai Vang             Hmong Dual Immersion
    12/17/19               Rev. Dr. James Thomas       Support of SRO Contract
    12/17/19               Pastor Paul Slack                Support of SRO Contract
    12/17/19              Pastor Runney Patterson      Support of SRO Contract
    12/17/19               Tyrone Terrill                     Support of SRO Contract
    12/17/19               Amina Samatar                   Incident at E-STEM
    12/17/19              Amin Omar                          Incident at E-STEM
    12/17/19              Fawzio                                 Incident at E-STEM
    12/17/19               Fadumo                              Incident at E-STEM      
    12/17/19              Nadhifo Yusuf                       Incident at E-STEM       

    1/21/2020             FFA Students                       National FFA Convention/Agriculture classes
    1/21/2020             Peter Gaffney                      Funding and Enrollment at Galtier Elementary
    1/21/2020             Anna Peters                         Internal focus needed at Galtier Community School
    1/21/2020             Rachel Stohlmannl               SPFE Bargaining Proposal #10 RE: Special Education
    1/21/2020             Pamela Marentette               DL/I contract proposal; Adams Spanish Immersion
    1/21/2020             Joshua Loahr                       Professional Development for teaching assistants
    1/21/2020             Russell Packard                    Staff retention and wages
    1/21/2020             Wendy Miller                        Support of SPFE bargaining proposals     
    1/21/2020             Yasmin Muridi                         

    1/21/2020            Laure O'Keeffe                        Not able to speak due to time   
    1/21/2020            Joanne Hodgeman                   Not able to speak due to time 

    2/18/2020             Owen Griffin                          Use of plastic utensils
    2/18/2020             Tim Brown/Julie Downwind     AIMS Remodel
    2/18/2020             Shawna Hedlund                    Community Cares

    2/18/2020             Greg Moon                            Principal/leadership at district school
    2/18/2020             Tina Fahnestock                    Principal/leadership at district school
    2/18/2020             Valerie Shirley               
    2/18/2020             Laure O'Keeffe                      Student Mental Health Supports
    2/18/2020             Sandy Lucas                         DBT (Dialectical Behavioral Training)
    2/18/2020             Debbie Luna                         Principal/leadership at district school   

    4/26/2021              Clare Murphy                     
    4/26/2021              Thomas Lucy                       Solar Power            
    4/26/2021              Kathleen Bacigalupi              Solar Power    

    5/18/2021             Thomas Lucy                         Solar Power 
    5/18/2021            Kathleen Bacigalupi               Solar Power 
    5/18/2021             Kirstie Doar                         Budget
    5/18/2021             Ellie Leaonardsmith               Solar Power
    5/18/2021              Evan Mathiason                    Solar Power

    6/22/2021            Jerome Treadwell                     Save the Arts
    6/22/2021            Claire Engebretson Gillman       Save the Arts
    6/22/2021            Isabella Schmitt                       Save the Arts   
    6/22/2021            Billal Madow                             Save the Arts
    6/22/2021            Faith Allen                               Save the Arts
    6/22/2021             Elijah Moen                            Save the Arts
    6/22/2021             Izzy                                       Save the Arts
    6/22/2021            Nikki Mechelke                          Save the Arts
    6/22/2021            Adrianne Johnson                      Save the Arts

    6/22/2021            Jennifer Greupner                   Save the Arts
    6/22/2021            Deb Horne                             Save the Arts

    7/20/2021            Thomas Lucy                      Class of 2033 and Solar
    7/20/2021            Aaron Kerr                         Solar Energy in SPPS    

    8/17/2021            Sarah Degner Riveros         Mask Resolution
    8/17/2021             Lesley Lavery                    Mask Resolution
    8/17/2021             John Anderson                  Mask Resolution
    8/17/2021               Peter Hendricks               Safely opening SPPS
    8/17/2021               Hannah Dimond Day        Mask Resolution
    8/17/2021               Khulia Pringle                  ESSR 3 funding engagement
    8/17/2021             Kami O'Hara                      Mask Resolution
    8/17/2021             John Horton                      Safe Learning Plan
    8/17/2021             Katy Cummins-Bakko         ESSR 3 funds
    8/17/2021               Dr Laura Ford-Nathan      Mask Resolution
    8/17/2021             Jennings Campbell              Mask Resolution
    8/17/2021             Joelle Lester                       Mask Resolution
    8/17/2021             Nate Barber                       Mask Resolution
    8/17/2021             Michael Gay                       Mask Resolution
     8/17/2021             Kevin Rank                       Not able to speak due to time - Mask Resolution
    8/17/2021             Alexander Friedrich            Not able to speak due to time - Mask Resolution
    8/17/2021             Mark Lehner                      Not able to speak due to time 

    8/31/2021             Lucas Plaman                     LGBTQ in SPPS
    8/31/2021             Aaliyah Hodge                    People for PSEO
    8/31/2021             Brook LaFloe                      People for PSEO
    8/31/2021             Peter Jarka-Sellers             Consent Education in SPPS
    8/31/2021             Kris Hartman                     Custodial

    9/21/2021             Thomas Lucy                      SPFE Solar on Schools Initiative
    9/21/2021             Khulia Pringle                     ESSER funding and literacy
    9/21/2021             Robin Tushaus                    LGBTQ in SPPS

    12/14/2021            Sam Nelson                      St. Paul Alpine Ski Team
    12/14/2021            Eleanor Kristinsson           St. Paul Alpine Ski Team
    12/14/2021            Tom Lucy                         SPPS and Renewable Energy
    12/14/2021            Leah Shepard                   West Side elementary schools
    12/14/2021            Peter Hendricks                St. Paul Alpine Ski Team
    12/14/2021            Shari Albrecht                  School Closings
    12/14/2021            Sarah Lundberg                School Cancellations and Distance
    12/14/2021            Clayton Howett                 Recognition of Dir. Brodrick and his Retirement

    1/18/2022            Yasmina Banat                     COVID-19
    1/18/2022            Angela Nguyen                    SPPS COVID Concerns
    1/18/2022            Jessica Sosa                       SPPS COVID Concerns
    1/18/2022            Grace Philippon                  Lack of communication on COVID; transparency
    1/18/2022            Kirstie Doar                         Mike Holleran Naming
    1/18/2022             Shari Albrecht                     Keeping Schools Open
    1/18/2022            Edward Reynoso                 Introduction

    2/22/2022            Adam Hanson                     Project Labor Agreements
    2/22/2022            Don Mullin                        Project Labor Agreements
    2/22/2022            Travis Strozyk                    Project Labor Agreements
    2/22/2022            Octavio Chung Bustamante   Project Labor Agreements
    2/22/2022            Chris Peltier                           Project Labor Agreements
    2/22/2022             Joel Carlson                         Project Labor Agreements
    2/22/2022            Peter Hendricks                    Gift from MSHSL
    2/22/2022             Lesley Lavery                       School Start Time Change
    2/22/2022            Peter Bognanni                      School Start Time Change
    2/22/2022            Andrea Freidberg                    Potential Strike

    2/22/2022            Sheigh Freeberg                    SPPS and SPFE Bargaining
    2/22/2022            Marvin Smith                          Project Labor Agreements

    2/22/2022             Julie Elliot                             Avoiding a Strike
    2/22/2022             Matt Ryg                               Fair Contract

    2/22/2022             Megan Dayton                      Teacher Contract

    3/22/2022            Connor Lehner                   Masks
    3/22/2022            Karissa Round                    Masks and Transgender Education
    3/22/2022            Shari Albrecht                    Masks

    3/22/2022            Mabel Albrecht Krech        Masks
    3/22/2022            Andrew Banker                  Masks
    3/22/2022            Mark Lehner                      Masks
    3/22/2022            Henry Clark                       Masks
    3/22/2022            Tom Lucy                          Transportation in SPPS
    3/22/2022            Mark Tracy                        Masks
    3/22/2022            Vanessa Gamble              Masks

    4/19/2022            Connor Lehner                  Issues
    4/19/2022            Charlotte Sivanich             Personal Finance
    4/19/2022            Harriet Miller                      Divestment in Fossil Fuels
    4/19/2022            Leah VanDassor               SPFE Contract
    4/19/2022            Tom Lucy                           Investments

    4/19/2022            Stephanie Anderson          Envision SPPS
    4/19/2022            Amanda Loge                    AP at Adams
    4/19/2022            Gabrielle Glasco                AP at Adams

    5/24/2022            Raquel Nunez-Flores         LEAP Transportation
    5/24/2022            Janice LaFloe                    American Indian Teachers
    5/24/2022            Anne Lowe                         LEAP Transportation
    5/24/2022            James Bradford III              Communication and Programming
    5/24/2022            Amanda Short                     LNFI
    5/24/2022            Regan Reinerth                  LNFI
    5/24/2022             Donna Stein                      AIMS
    5/24/2022             Hudson Kley                     LNFI
    5/24/2022            Linda Jones                       LNFI
    5/24/2022             Sandy Lucas                    LEAP Transportation
    5/24/2022             Don Arnosti                       LEAP Transportation
    5/24/2022             Tamara Goggle Eye          Native American Staff
    5/24/2022             Kat Landis                        CTE in Schools

    6/21/2022             Michelle Wall                     Budget
    6/21/2022             Amy Cooper                       School Start Times

    7/19/2022            Thomas Lucy                     SPPS Investments
    7/19/2022            Martin Hoerth                     Negotiations
    7/19/2022             Joshua Loahr                      General
    7/19/2022             Kristie Schmidt                    Medical Insurance
    7/19/2022            Joan Pasiuk                          Electric School Buses
    7/19/2022             Kirstie Doar                          Contracts
    7/19/2022             Kera Peterson                      Contract Negotiations
    7/19/2022             Sam                                      Negotiations
    7/19/2022             Lisa Bellanger                       Smudging

    8/23/2022             Peter Hendricks                     HR Transactions
    8/23 /2022            Julie Moeckly                         Negotiations 

    9/20/2022            Danielle Greene and Students   Maxfield Student Envision
    9/20/2022            James Farnsworth                      District leadership and board governance 
    9/20/2022            Joe Nathan                                 Building or Reducing Community Support via District Reorganization 
    9/20/2022            Naomi Dahl                                 Student Safety 
    9/20/2022            Dora Jones                                 ARP Grant /RFP Mentoring Young Adults Community Partner 
    9/20/2022            Kirstie Doar                                Negotiations 
    9/20/2022            Maximo Gonzalez                      Negotiations 
    9/20/2022            Kandace Logan                          ARP Grant
    9/20/2022            Patrick Mulvaney                       Negotiations     

    10/11/2022            Martin Hoerth                           AFSCME Negotiations
    10/11/2022            Todd Marder                            AFSCME Negotiations  
    10/11/2022            Lisa Czech                              AFSCME Negotiations  
    10/11/2022            Kirstie Doar                             Negotiations 
    10/11/2022            Maximo Gonzalez                   Negotiations 
    10/11/2022            Kera Peterson                         Negotiations  

    11/15/2022            Thomas Lucy                           SPPS Divestment from Fossil Fuels and Private Prisons resolution
    11/15/2022            Joshua Loahr                          Negotiations  
    11/15/2022            Aileen Larson                          Special Education - transportation issue for students with Type 1 Diabetes 
    11/15/2022            Jessica Ramstad                     Accessibility at Son's School
    11/15/2022            Terry Ross                               Negotiations 
    11/15/2022            Christine Smith                        Negotiations 

    12/13/2022            Michelle Wall                       Music education and well rounded education 

    1/17/2023              Highland Park Lego League    Solar project
    1/17/2023              Adam Hanson                          Project Labor Agreements

    2/21/2023              Angela Nguyen                                    Harding solutions

    2/21/2023              Valeria Barrios Sanchez                      School safety

    2/21/2023              Latino Consent Decree                        Safety in Schools

    2/21/2023              Debbie Montgomery                             School Safety/SROs

    2/21/2023              Daryl Spence                                       School safety

    2/21/2023              Gita Ghei                                             Violence in high schools

    2/21/2023              Nasira Budal                                        Safety Concerns

    2/21/2023              Benjamin Wright                                  School safety

    2/21/2023              Khulia Pringle                                      School safety

    2/21/2023              Chris Baumhover                                 Elementary safety

    2/21/2023              John Thompson                                  Safe schools for our children

    2/21/2023              Julie    

    2/21/2023              Emma Wolters                                     Status of SROs            

    2/21/2023              Miki Frost                                             School safety

    2/21/2023               Mercedes Yarbrough                           School safety

    2/21/2023                Ali A.                                                    School safety

    2/21/2023              NK Nguyen                                           SROs

    3/21/23               Katherine Edwards                                Districtwide Career Pathways Program 
    3/21/23               Charlotte Steen                                     Holding Administration accountable, re: Devin Scott murder 
    3/21/23               Michelle Wall                                         well-rounded ed + budget 
    3/21/23               Thomas Lucy                                        solar on schools 
    3/21/23               Peter Hendricks                                    Human Resource Transactions-Board of Education Board Book for March 21, 2023 
    3/21/23               Roxanne Draughn                                 Incident of Racism at Farnsworth Upper Middle School 

    4/18/2023            Abbey Ogg                          Climate policies in schools 
    4/18/2023            Laura McClary                     Small scale climate-focused facility projects 
    4/18/2023            Suwiys Abdirahman             Injustice at Central regarding the EA community 
    4/18/2023            Khulia Pringle                      Student Outcomes
    4/18/2023            Pamela Marentette              SOFG
    4/18/2023            Roxanne Draughn               SOFG  

    5/23/2023             Arson King                              Implementing carbon-efficient bus routes w/ app for bus drivers

    5/23/2023             Eva Yang                                 Leadership at Hmong Language/Culture Middle School

    5/23/2023            Selena Vang                            Leadership at Hmong Language/Culture Middle School

    5/23/2023             Lydia Pitts                               JJ Hill Montessori Budget Cuts

    5/23/2023            Amanda Coleman                    JJ Hill Montessori Budget Cuts

    5/23/2023             John Horton                             JJ Hill Montessori Budget Cuts

    5/23/2023            Sue Vang                                 Leadership at Hmong Language/Culture Middle School

    5/23/2023               Vinc Her                                   Leadership at Hmong Language/Culture Middle School

    5/23/2023            Sally Bauer                              JJ Hill Montessori Budget Cuts

    5/23/2023           ShaVunda Brown                     JJ Hill Montessori Budget Cuts

    5/23/2023           Maria Golden                           Transition Leadership, Safety and Programming

    5/23/2023           Alexis Bylander                        JJ Hill Montessori Budget Cuts

    5/23/2023          Ayan Mohamad                        Support for East African Magnet

    5/23/2023          Amina Abdullahi                      Support for East African Magnet

    5/23/2023         Fowzia Mursal                          Support for East African Magnet

    5/23/2023          Farhiya Mohamed                    Support for East African Magnet

    5/23/2023          Mahmud Kanyare                     Support for East African Magnet

    5/23/2023          Brenna Proczko                       JJ Hill Montessori Budget Cuts

    5/23/2023        Jackie McNamara                     Solutions to the Problem

    5/23/2023        Ubah Dhamukle                       Support for East African Magnet

    5/23/2023        Therese O’Meara                      Leadership Concerns

    5/23/2023        Nash Stone                              Special Education Services, Leadership Concerns

    5/23/2023         Jeff Street                                JJ Hill Montessori Budget Cuts

    5/23/2023        Allen and Benjamin Barnacle   JJ Hill Montessori Budget Cuts

    6/20/2023       Jenelle Hill                               Budget concerns

    6/20/2023       Jacquelyn Propersi                  Budget cuts to school FY24

    6/20/2023        Peter Hendricks                       FY24 Budget and Amendments to Sup’t Contract

    6/20/2023        Pang Yang                               Envision

    6/20/2023         Pao Thao                                 PreK

    6/20/2023         Lis Thao                                   PreK move

    6/20/2023        Julia Yang                                Phalen PreK

    6/20/2023        Michelle Wall                           Transparency and accountability

    6/20/2023         Thomas Lucy                           Review of SPPS climate work for the 22-23 SY

    6/20/2023          David Kubes                            Overpayments

    6/20/2023            Leo Jackson                              Permit/Facility Rates    

    6/20/2023             Christen Glass                          Permit/Facility Rates    

    6/20/2023                Greg Egan                               Budget concerns

    7/18/2023               Peter Hendricks                         Athletics and Budget
    7/18/2023               Leo Jackson                              Permit/Facility Rates      
    7/18/2023               Jenn Hartman                            Permit/Facility Rates  

    8/22/2023               Mick McGibbon                          St. Cloud Public Schools Resolution re: Charter Schools

    9/19/2023              Leo Jackson                          Equitable pricing for athletic facilities 
    9/19/2023              Jennifer Hartman                   Importance of youth programs and partnership with SPPS  
    9/19/2023              Peter Hendricks                     Digital ticketing for athletic events

    9/19/2023              William Hill                             Equal Opportunity – Policy 401 
    9/19/2023              Earl Miller                              Naming the Harding Auditorium in Honor of JoAnn Clark 
    9/19/2023              Melvin Miller                          Naming the Harding Auditorium in Honor of JoAnn Clark