Projects & Inspiration

  • What can I do/make in the Maker Space?laser cutter

    • Laser engrave graphic designs or photos on metal, plastic, wood, stone, glass
    • Laser cut plastic, wood, fabric, paper
    • 3D print using PLA filament in various colors
    • Create circuits and digital electronic projects using the Raspberry Pi and other electronics
    • Combine sewing and electronics to make "wearable" projects such as light up bracelets

    3D Printing:MakerBot

    • Check out Thingaverse for a massive library of 3D printing projects that you can download and print immediately.


    Did you make something awesome in the Maker Space?

    Send us a picture and description. We would love to put it on our website!

    Sample Projects:

    Laser Engraved Cabin

    Mr. Weyandt engraved a picture of his cabin on a 3" slice of oak using the 1-Touch Photo feature of our laser engraver.

    Do you have a favorite photo that you would like to engrave on wood, metal or plastic? Try it out!