Writer's Workshop

  • Writer's Workshop

    Habits and Processes of Writing

    The students will:
    • Write daily.
    • Generate their own topics and spend the necessary amount of time to revisit and refine their writing.
    • Extend and rework pieces of writing (for example, turn a paragraph from a memoir into a fully-developed piece).
    • Routinely rework, revise, edit, and proofread their work.
    • Publish 10-12 pieces during the year for an audience in and beyond the classroom.
    • Write for specific purposes of his or her own, such as a thank-you letter or a birthday card.
    • Consciously appropriate specific elements of a favorite author's craft to refine the quality of their own work.
    • Apply both public and personal criteria to judge the quality of their writing.

    Units of Study
    • WritingPurposes and Resulting Genres: Newspaper writing, Personal Narrative,Comic writing, Letter Writing, All-About Books, and Response toLiterature.
    • Language Use and Conventions.

    The main components of the Writer's Workshop include a Mini-lesson, Writing and Conferencing, and Peer Sharing.