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Degrees and Certifications:

University of Minnesota Twin Cities Bachelor of Arts Emotional and Behavioral Disorders licensure Trained in Restorative Practices

Susan Girouard

Hello, welcome to my classroom website!  

My name is Susan Girouard, but most people call me Ms G. I started teaching in 2001 and began teaching at Farnsworth in 2015. I earned a B.A. in psychology at the University of Minnesota in 1981 and my special education licensure in 2000. I have lived on the West Coast and in Canada, but am firmly rooted in Minnesota. What gives me joy is gardening, hiking, eating at foodtrucks here, there and everywhere in St. Paul. You can contact me by email, phone and google voice.

I will be teaching small group special education Science Concepts, Social Studies Concepts, Reading Strategies and Study Skills For High School Readiness.

Science Concepts:

Our focus this year is on Life Science. Life Science introduces the basic biology concepts through inquiry labs, models, and hand-on activities. The topics covered are: cells; ecology; genetics; evolution; human body and the nature of science and engineering. Students will develop the skills of scientific inquiry and laboratory investigations.

Social Studies Concepts: 

In American Studies, students will understand and explain the cause and effect relationships of the events that shaped the United States from the abolition movement to the Cold War. 

Reading Strategies: 

This class is designed for students in grades 6-8 with emerging literacy skills who continue to need instruction on basic reading skills. Students will receive instruction on the skills of visualizing and verbalization; thinking reading and breaking words apart into their prefixes roots and suffixes to determine their meaning. 

Study Skills:

In this class, students will determine their interests in career and college, develop individualized short and long term goals, and develop skills necessary for collaboration and self-advocacy.