Technology Use Agreement

  • Attention  ATTENTION SPPS STUDENT: This iPad may be locked. A Student Technology Use Agreement is not on file for this user account. 

    • Your parent/guardian has not completed the Technology Use Agreement for the 2019 - 2020 school year in iUpdate.
    • Access and functionality to your iPad may be restricted if this is not completed.
      Campus iUpdate

    Please tell your parent/guardian to complete the steps below:

    • Log in to Campus Portal at (One Stop usernames and passwords are used for Campus Portal and Schoology. Usernames begin with the letter 'g' followed by six numbers)
    • Once logged in to Campus Portal, click 'Fall iUpdate' in the lower left corner.
    • Complete all information, including the Student Technology Use Agreement.

    ** Call or visit your school office with questions or concerns. **