Homework Policy


    Reading: You should try to read with your child every day.  Even if your child can read, don’t forget it is important for you to read to him/her as well.

    Listening (optional enrichment) I have created playlists that we use in class in a listening center that have songs, videos and stories. Students can access these playlists at home for additional language practice. Here is the link:

    https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMo1JaH5eT1tVgQuN4Yox_Q/playlists (I usually Google Mme Rddad to get to it)


    Besides reading, you will get 2 assignments a week; One assignment will be for math and the other literacy, handwriting, science or social studies. If something is in French, I will give you translations and pronunciation help in the newsletter and/or I will have a video on Seesaw. Assignments should be returned by the end of the week.

    Kindergarten Math: Our Everyday Math program has  several assignments per unit, caleed Homelinks, but they will not be every week. If there isn’t a Homelink, I will send my own math assignment.

    Kindergarten Second Assignment: This will be different from week to week.