6184 Non Licensed/6185 Licensed - Other Salary

  • Title I funds may be used to pay for additional staff time, as allowed through the pertinent collective bargaining agreement. In the Title I context, allowable extended time activities are usually related to professional development, hourly tutoring by licensed teacher, or after school academic programming.

    All extended time activities must be pre-approved though the Title I Order Form, and may cover multiple pay periods. Once the work has been performed, the Supplemental Pay Form for the individuals must be forwarded to Title I accounting for processing. Please do not drop them at payroll. They must be given to Title I accounting first.

    Be sure to indicate the purpose of the additional time on the Supplemental Pay Form

    Supplemental pay not pre-approved by the Title I Federal Programs office will be removed from the school’s Title I budget and placed onto the school’s General Fund.


    1. Complete the Title I Order Form. List date(s), estimate number of staff to be paid and purpose for expenditure. Submit for approval.

    2. Once the work has been performed, complete the Supplemental Pay Form. Be sure it is completed correctly.

    3. Submit the district Supplemental Pay Form to Laurie Niblick in accounting for processing. Laurie will then submit the forms to payroll. 


    • Title I Order Form PeopleSoft Financials
    • Supplemental Pay Form -  http://businessoffice.spps.org