6303- Substitutes for PD or Assessment Support

  • Consultants, Contracts, and Fees for Service

    Object Code: 6303(up to $25,000)

    Authorization: Pre-approval required  


    Title I funds may be used to pay for substitute costs when those substitutes are covering teachers to participate in professional development opportunities. Those opportunities include coaching, district professsional development, off site professional development or participating on a Leadership Team or in a Professional Learning Team. 

    Substitues may also be provided to cover classrooms during academic assessments times to give teachers the opportunity to be directly involved with assessing the students. 

    Title I funds may not pay for the cost of substitutes when a teacher is sick, on leave or unable to teach for personal or other reasons not related to professional development or assessments. 


    1. Obtain approval by submitting the Title I Order Form. Include on the Form:
      1. Purpose for the need for substitutes (e.g., cover teachers for PD or support teachers during FAST Assessments).
      2. List the names of the teachers needing substitutes.
      3. List the dates substitutes are needed and the number of anticipated hours (e.g., full day, half-day). 
    2. Once approved, order substitutes through the 
    3. Contact the Title I Accountant if your Title I budget code is not available in AESOP /Absence Management.
      1. The code should be 29-xxx-216-401-6303-2300 (for general Title I).
      2. If the code is from another grant (e.g. SIG, AYP), contact the grant administrator for the correct code.