School Continuous Improvement Plan (SCIP)

  • What is a SCIP?

    SCIP stands for School Continuous Improvement Plan. Every school in St. Paul Public Schools has a SCIP. The SCIP helps keep us focused on our goal of high academic achievement for all of our students at LEAP. It is 3 years long and goes from 2016 to 2019.

    How do we make the SCIP?

    To make our SCIP, we look at data from tests students take in school, like the MAP, the MCAs, and the Access test. We also look at teacher classroom assessments, student grades and student surveys.

    What is the focus of SCIP?

    LEAP School is going to work to improve performance in four areas: Reading, Math, Graduation Rates and College and Career Readiness (Data Accountability and Evaluation), and Culture and Climate/PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention Strategies) at LEAP High School.

    During the 2017-2018 school year the Math Department will again work on Math Talks. This strategy will build student skills around Number and Operations. All other departments we will be working on scaffolding lessons through the Mutually Adaptive Learning Paradigm, or MALP, to help students achieve academic success. We will continue to identify the senior cohort and prepare them for graduation. We will incorporate career readiness at all levels, beginning with level 1C. We will expose our students to multiple college and career options early on in their LEAP schooling. We will expand our popular and service oriented Ambassador Program to level 2A and have more events and activities to celebrate student achievements.

    Please get involved!

    If you want more information about the SCIP or are interested in getting involved in our SCIP and school, please contact Principal Rose Santos at 651-228-7706.