• We share a common interest in providing the most effective educational experience for Saint Paul Public Schools (SPPS) students. To further that goal, SPPS has established guiding values for negotiating contracts with its 26 employee labor groups.

    We believe in:

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    Honest, respectful and direct discussion and communications focusing on issues, not people or personalities

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    Pride in Excellence

    Creating a school system in which families, staff and the community can take pride

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    Fiscal Stewardship

    Working within our budget to responsibly meet our financial and educational obligations

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    Student First

    Promoting an inclusive culture focused on student growth and achievement


    We will accomplish this by:

    • Providing clear, transparent and timely communication
    • Establishing an annual guideline for negotiations among all employee groups
    • Identifying district negotiation priorities in alignment with SPPS Achieves.
    • Affirming our confidence in our Board designated negotiations team to represent the best interests of our students and the District
    • Committing to a sustainable, comprehensive approach to managing district budgets and programs
    • Prioritizing what is best for our students

Negotiations News and Updates

2021-23 Negotiations Fact Sheet

  • Negotiations Fact sheet

  • survey

    Negotiation Status

    Review the status of contracts between employee labor groups and SPPS negotiation teams.

  • Proposals and Current Contracts

    Union Groups

    Review contract proposals from SPPS and employee labor groups, as well as current contracts.