• Welcome to my Read 180 Webpage!


    My name is Kerstin Merrill and this is my first year teaching Read 180 at Washington Technology Magnet High School. I love to teach and am entering my 17th year as an English and Reading teacher.  I was a Language Arts classroom teacher for grades 6-8 for 12 years before coming to SPPS in 2013 and earning my Reading license.  I have taught in Minneapolis and Columbia Heights, MN as well as Los Angeles, CA before my start in St. Paul.  I remain committed and eager to help middle school students transition through the middle years program at Washington and move on as high school students' who are confident personally and academically.  Reading is my passion, and I hope to make it a life-long love in the lives of my growing learners!


    I learn alongside my students' daily, and care a great deal for my students' in literacy development. It is to the credit of many bright and reflective middle school students that I too have grown wiser, and more insightful a teacher in my years in the classroom.  I have gained an even greater sense for the importance of learning as a means to bridge peacefulness, compassion, communication and service in one's community.  My students' have shared their stories, and with honesty and fortitude, I have seen great gains in many 6-8th graders' as they have worked to make strides in reading proficiency.  In my work, I experience heartfelt joys, challenges, awakenings and many connections as my students and I develop our understandings and relationships, and learn together in Reading class connecting ourselves and with the texts with study.


    I hope to see all my students grow in the year ahead in Read 180.  It is wonderful to get to work with books and share my passion for reading daily with kids, especially using a sound curriculum in READ 180! I am excited to be coming on board!


    I will be using Schoology as my primary Gradebook, so please login as you like to check your progress or for your child's grades.  Read 180 is an amazing, research based reading system which employs 3 areas of focus to foster literacy growth.  Together, with their Ipads, your student will be reading online through the software installed this month, and compliment this learning with an rBook workbook, and work with me in small group conferences weekly to cultivate their individual reading proficiency. 


    Please contact me with questions and/or concerns as you need.  I believe in open communication and partnering together with families' so that we can ensure the best year possible for learning and fun for your growing child!  I'm looking forward to working with you to have a successful year at Washington. 


    Thank you for your support, my contact information is enclosed here.




    Kerstin Merrill

    READ 180 Reading Teacher

    Washington Tech Magnet High School