• Consultants, Contracts, and Fees for Service

    Object/Account Code:        6303/6304

    Authorization:        Pre-approval required

    A contract must be in place before any work begins. Contracts are required when the services are provided by a person or entity who is not an employee of the district regardless of the amount.

    If you believe outside consultants or service providers are necessary to address the needs of your students and staff, Title I funds may be used to secure the services, provided that the request is in line with the school’s improvement plan (SCIP) and meets the requirements of ESEA, Title I. Contracted services must also be deemed as necessary and reasonable. District contracting and procurement procedures must be followed at all times.  

    In consulting situations of any significant magnitude, a contract should be executed to protect the school and the district. If the contract is for any duration of time, the contract must be written with

    • specific deliverables (work to be completed, time period) identified along with
    • a rate of pay (hourly, daily, etc.) so invoices with the necessary level of detail can be provided as the work is completed.
    • a process for determining if the intended service was satisfactory (evaluation). 

    If a consultant expects you to sign a contract or agreement drafted with their terms, the terms must be reviewed by the Office of Title I Federal Programs to ensure they are in line with Title I requirements and by Purchasing/Legal to ensure the provisions are in line with Minnesota law and district policy.


    Procedure for all service agreements and consulting arrangements regardless of contract amount

    1. Complete TI Order Form to request to use funds. Once approved, contact your Title I assigned support person. 

    2. Complete price comparisons, RFPs or Bids as necessary depending on the dollar amount you are expending. (See matrix documents). 

    3. If the work is with an individual; complete the Independent Contractor vs. Employee form to determine the process to be used. If the contract is with a company, skip to #4.  

    4. If considered an employee, individual must complete “new hire paperwork”. Once received and issued an employee number. Develop contract of work to be completed and skip to step  #5.

    5. If the person is considered an independent contractor, get the W-9 completed. Enter contractor into eProcurement (if they are a new vendor).

    6. Negotiate the terms of the agreement. Use the district contract template available through the Business Office. This template has all necessary legal language needed to comply with federal laws.

    7. Create a requisition in PeopleSoft Financials and attach the completed contract.

    8. When services have been received, go into eProcurement and Manage Requisition. Then go to Manage Receipt and enter the information needed to show the service was received.  Submit all evidence of completed work as needed. 

    9. Send the original invoice to Accounts Payable at 360 Colborne.

    Form:   Requisition

                PeopleSoft Financials

                Manage Requisition

                Independent Contractor vs. Employee

                https://www.spps.org/Page/24368 (Payroll)

                SPPS Contract Template https://www.spps.org/Page/24335 (Purchasing)

    Matrix.pdf -  Services

    Matrix.pdf - Goods

    Failure to follow this procedure puts the school or program at risk of having to pay for the contract or services out of their