Frost Lake Monthly Newsletter

  • April 2019


    Dear Frost Lake Families,

    Right when the temperatures hit 60 degrees and we start to think about springtime, we hear there might be another snowstorm! Please remember the ever-changing weather in Minnesota requires us to be prepared for anything. If there is a snowstorm later this week, please stay tuned to SPPS district guidelines and communications about school closings. Hopefully, the temperatures will stay warm enough for the snow to miss us, but we need to be prepared either way.


    We do send our students outside for recess every day when the temperatures are above 0 and it is not raining, so make sure your students come to school with the proper outdoor clothing each day.


    We have had growing concerns with student cellphones in school such as cellphones being lost or stolen, students videotaping or attempting to videotape inappropriate behaviors in school, and students sharing damaging and inappropriate content with each other on-line.  In order to help protect students’ property and internet safety at school, we are implementing a schoolwide expectation effective immediately. Students will be expected to turn in their cell phones to their teachers at the beginning of the day, and teachers will secure the phones in a locked space until dismissal. Most classrooms already follow this routine, so the expectation should not be much of a change for most students. The phones will be returned to students at the end of the day, and students will continue to be expected to keep cell phones out of sight while on school grounds. They will continue to use school phones to contact family members while at school. We understand that parents may want their child to have a cellphone on them for safety reason on the way to and from school, so this expectation will help support student safety throughout the school day.


    If you have not looked at district expectations for student use of district issued iPads and internet safety, please check out these links to update your information:


    Thank you for your ongoing support of Frost Lake as we teach student academics and social skills in this rapidly changing world!






                                                                                        Stacey Kadrmas, Principal