6366 - MN Conferences & Workshops (No Overnight Stay)

  • Account/Object Code: 6366

    Authorization: Pre-approval required

    When workshops and conferences fit into a school’s larger professional development plan that is tied to their school improvement plan (SCIP), Title I funds may be used to cover the costs of attendance.  All professional development activities should relate to core subject areas and must satisfy the definition of professional development in the ESEA Title I.

    Workshops and conferences within Minnesota with no overnight stay should be coded to 6366. This would cover the cost of registration. Mileage should be coded to 6360 and recorded through the district's mileage system.


    1. Complete the appropriate sections of the Title I Order Form.

    2. Include any supporting documentation (conference brochure, registration form) and submit for approval.

    3. Once approved, submit a voucher for payment to the vendor. Attach a copy of the Title I Order Form Approval and copy of the professional development flyer or brochure, in PeopleSoft, or, if you are an approved PCard holder, pay with a PCard.

    4. When the PCard Statement is to be reconciled, attach the Title I Order Form Approval to your reconciled PCard statement with the registration and travel documentation.

    5. Submit any mileage associated with your travel on the district travel expense record.

    Form: Title I Order Form
    PeopleSoft Financials