6366 - Mileage for Program Staff Funded with Title I

  • Account/Object Code: 6366

    Authorization: Employee Supervisor and Budget Administrator

    Title I funds may be used to provide Title I funded program staff mileage reimbursement when they use their vehicle for Title I approvable travel related to the grant work they are doing.

    The district mileage system should be used to enter all mileage. If reimbursement is being requested from Title I, be sure to designate Sherry Carlstrom as the budget administrator when setting up the approval.

    Follow all other district procedures for travel reimbursement for in district travel reimbursement.


    1. Follow the district policy in order to receive reimbursement for mileage. https://www.spps.org/Page/3958

    2. Set-up your personal preferences in the online mileage system with the correct budget code and authorizers. https://www.spps.org/Page/3960

    3. Authorizers for Mileage Reimbursement with Title I Funds Are:
      1. Immediate supervisor who can verify the mileage tied to the work.
      2. Budget administrator – Sherry Carlstrom