Contact Human Resources

  • The Human Resources Department staff is organized into the following functional areas. For Human Resources general information, please call 651-767-8200.

    Human Resources Department 360 Colborne Street Saint Paul, MN 55102. Phone: 651-767-8200. Fax: 651-665-0269

    All Human Resources staff work to ensure the proper treatment of employees and ensure compliance with local, state and federal laws, rules and regulations, negotiated contracts, and board policy. Administrators also act as advisors to all district staff and outside agencies regarding personnel related matters and to support our efforts in promoting diversity in the workplace.

Leadership Staff

Last Name First Name Title Email Phone
McCarty Kenyatta Executive Director, Human Resources 651-767-8202
Vollmer Jim Assistant Director, Employee & Labor Relations 651.767.8215
Norwig Patty Assistant Director, Total Rewards 651.744.7436
Moua Bou Assistant Director, Workforce Management and Organization Design 651-767-8209
Wikman Lisa Human Resources Associate 651-767-8200
Victor Joyce Manager, Benefits / Employee & Labor Relations 651-767-8146
Carlson Gina Management Assistant 651-767-8202

Human Resources: Performance Management, Labor Relations, Employee Relations

  • Performance Management / Labor Relations is responsible for performance management and unemployment reporting.  A significant portion of this department's effort is spent in assisting leadership with improving employee performance, managing discipline, and responding to internal claims of discrimination, harassment or other policy violations on the part of an employee.

    The Employee Relations and Labor Negotiations function is responsible for representing the district in the collective bargaining process for all of the 28 labor contracts covering the school district's employees. In consultation with the Superintendent, district leadership, and the Board of Education, this office develops the terms and conditions of employment aligned with organizational goals and objectives, resolves disputes in a collaborative fashion and provides guidance in labor relations for the district's supervision, and perfromance management.

Last name First name Title Email Phone
Vollmer Jim Assistant Director, Employee & Labor Relations 651.767.8215
Victor Joyce Assistant Manager, Employee & Labor Relations 651.767.8146
Smolik Melissa Employee Relations Assistant 651.767.8228
Coppage Nicole Consultant 651-744-6512
Rishel Megan Consultant 651-767-8208
Roth Lorie Consultant 651-767-8222
Yang Amylee Consultant 651-744-6019
Rochelle Gayle Consultant 651-744-8386


  • For questions relating to payroll, lane changes, or PeopleSoft data requests, you can simply e-mail payroll and your designated payroll contact will respond to your inquiry as soon as reasonably possible.  You may also call your designated payroll contact (phone numbers are on the attached list below.) The main phone number for HR is (651) 767-8200.  Whether e-mailing or calling, please provide your name, employee number, and a phone number where you can be reached.  This will help us get back to you sooner with the information you need.

    For escalated issues that cannot be resolved through your designated payroll contact, Kim Motz is the Payroll Team Lead and Patty Norwig is the Payroll Manager.  Kim can be reached at or at (651) 767-8271.  Patty can be reached at or at (651) 744-7436.

Last name First name Title Email Phone Responsibilities
Norwig Patty Assistant Director, Total Rewards 651-744-7436
Motz Kim Payroll Team Lead 651-767-8271
Johnson Lindsae Payroll Specialist 651-767-8264
Clark Derrick Payroll Associate 651-325-2539
Martens Paula Payroll Associate 651-767-8273
Sonnenberg David Payroll Associate 651-767-8169
Willis Tadija Payroll Associate 651-767-8272
Wallace Michelle Garnishment Specialist 651-767-8268
Rodriguez Andres Human Resources Associate 651-767-8274
Ticknor Molly Human Resources Associate 651-744-5593
Nissen Shannon HRIS Analyst 651-767-8220
Wiese Katie HRIS Analyst 651-325-2514
Lynch Sheila Payroll Associate 651-744-5437


Last Name First Name Title Email Phone Responsibilities
Jones Chantell Benefits Technician 651-767-8227 Employee, Retiree and Post Employment (COBRA) Insurance
Cummins Janine Human Resources Information Management Associate 651.767.8266 Benefits Billing and Qualifying Status Changes
McKnight Davena Information Management Associate 651.767.8231 Leaves of Absence (last names A to K)
Motz Kelly Human Resources Information Management Associate 651-767-8205 Leaves of Absence (last names L-Z)
Boldt Jenna HealthPartners Onsite Health Solutions Specialist 651-744-3064 HealthPartners Wellness Program

Workforce Management

  • Workforce Management is responsible for Recruitment and Staffing Services.

Last Name First Name Title Email Phone Responsibilities
Moua Bou Assistant Director, Workforce Planning & Organizational Design 651-767-8209
Vang Kha Workforce Management Team Lead 651-767-8197
Kelly Aubrey Workforce Management, Team Lead 651-767-8243
Mullaney Mike HR Coordinator 651-767-8229
Pha Lilly (Ki-ia) HR Associate 651-767-8217
Rime Shannen HR Coordinator 651-767-8234
Hernandez Priscilla HR Associate 651-767-8199
Baker JaKeya HR Coordinator 651-767-8224
Scharpen Ashley HR Coordinator 651-744-3442
Xiong Anny HR Coordinator/SPPS Urban Teacher Residency (SUTR) Recruiter 651-767-8223