Aesop Teacher FAQs

  • Last updated 11/07/2007

    Q: Do I need to enter any information into Aesop?

    A: Yes, there are two tasks that you need to complete.

    1. Call the system and record your name and grade level(s) or subject area(s).
    2. Enter your preferred substitute on the Preferred Substitute Panel. These are the substitute teachers that you prefer fill you absence.

    Q: How do I reach Aesop?

    A: You can reach Aesop by toll free phone (800-942-3767) or through the internet at

    Q: How do I find out my username and password (PIN)?

    A: The lead clerk in your building can look up your username and password (PIN) for you.

    Q: Must I use the username and PIN provided?

    A: Yes, you must use the provided username. You can change the PIN. Your new PIN must be a minimum of 4 numeric characters.

    Q: Can I create a list of substitutes that I would prefer to have cover my class?

    A: Yes. Once you login, on your homepage you can select the “Preferred Substitutes” link to create your list. Please limit your list to 3 or fewer names. The system will contact these names first; however, there is no guarantee they will be available to cover your class.

    Q: What if I have a substitute who has covered my class in the past and they agree to cover my class for an upcoming absence? Do I still need to enter this into the Aesop system?

    A: Yes, you must enter the vacancy and contact the substitute to pick it up. If the assignment is not picked up by the preferred sub right away, other substitute teachers make pick it up before the preferred has gotten to it. We suggest that you contract the sub prior to pressing save, have them log on and pick it up immediately. This way, you are ensured that your preferred sub has picked up the assignment.

    Q: What if I need to cancel an absence?

    A: You can cancel an absence that has been filled or remains unfilled by logging on to Aesop and clicking on your absence confirmation number. You should see a link that says “Edit/Delete” OR “Edit/Cancel” this absence. Clink on that link and delete. You should receive a message confirming your absence has been deleted. The system will then try to nofity the substitute via telephone.

    Q: How late can I cancel an absence?

    A: For most schools the teacher has until 7:00am to cancel an absence for that day. Schools may change that parameter depending on the specific hours at their building.

    Q: What if I only need a substitute for a half-day?

    A: You can set up the times a substitute is needed when you create your absences in the system. Simply choose the time you need the substitute to arrive and the end time of the assignment.

    Q: Do I need to create an absence in Aesop if I do not require a sub?

    A: No, at this time, only record absences in Aesop that require a sub. You are not REQUIRED to enter an absence for absence tracking purposes if you do not require a sub.

    Q: How far in advance can I create absences?

    A: You can create absences 120 days into the future.

    Q: As a teacher can I assign a sub to my absence?

    A: No. Teachers do NOT have the option to “Save/Assign” a sub to an absence. We are checking into this at this time. It may become available to you in the future.

    Q: As a teacher, can I request a particular sub for an absence?

    A: No. You must create a “Preferred Substitutes” list of up to 3 names.

    Q: Where do I enter the event code for my absence (if I have one)?

    A: Event codes should be entered in the “Notes to Administrator” box when creating an absence on-line. If you are creating an absence on the phone, note the confirmation number. Bring that to your lead school clerk and have her modify the absence to include the event code so they can charge the proper budget. That way, when they run the Event Code report, all the data is there for their need.

    Q: If my position does not require a substitute teacher, am I required to identify the vacancy in the new system

    A: No, there are several employee types that generally would not require a substitute using the new system. Programs have procedures in place for covering these vacancies. Employee types that generally don't require a sub are as follows:

    • Admin Intern
    • Assistive Technologist
    • Audiologist
    • Counselor
    • Occupational Therapist
    • Physical Therapist
    • Psychologist
    • Social Worker - If you have classroom responsibilities, you will be required to obtain a sub.
    • Speech Pathologist
    • TOSA's (teachers on special assignment) - If you have classroom responsibilities, you will be required to obtain a sub.