Create Application and Apply for Jobs

  • I am a first time user, how do I apply for positions?
    From the Human Resources Department Careers Homepage, click on the link for "Search for Jobs and Apply."  To search for jobs and apply for positions, click on the link for either a prospective employee or a current employee.  If you are a prospective employee, you can search for jobs without registering on the system but will need to register in order to apply for positions.

    I am a current employee, how do I apply for jobs?
    From the Human Resources Department Careers Homepage, click on the link for "Search for Jobs and Apply."  Then click on the link for "Current Employees."  You will be asked to input a Username and Password in order to view job postings and create your online application.

    I don't have a resume, can I still apply?
    Yes, even if you do not have a resume, you can still fill out the online application and apply for positions.  On the first page of online application, select “Apply without using a resume”  You will then be able to fill out the remainder of the online application and apply for jobs.

    How do I include a resume with my online application?
    You have the following options:

    1. Upload a New Resume: You will be able to upload a resume from your hard drive. Valid file extensions are: ".docx", ".txt", ".rtf", and ".pdf".
    2. Copy and Paste Resume Text: You will be able to copy text from a document and paste it into the online application. Type CTRL-V, or right click - "paste" in order to paste the text you have copied. There is not a "paste" button on the page.
    3. Apply without using a Resume: After selecting this option, click "Continue" to begin the application process. This performs the same function as a resume.
    4. Use an Existing Resume: If you have applied in the past, you can select a resume you have submitted in the past from your profile.

    Each time you apply for a job, we ask if you would like to submit a resume because your resume may have changed since the last time you applied. We want to have the most recent information about you so that we can better match your skills to our needs.

    Additionally, you are taken through a series of sections with each online application so you have the opportunity to change your information. If you have no changes to make, simply click “Submit” to progress to the end of the application. Then click "Submit" to finalize your application.

    How long will it take to submit an application?
    The time may vary depending upon your internet connection and the amount of information you include in your application.  It is to your advantage to complete the information in as many fields as possible as Human Resources uses this information to determine your qualifications for positions.  It is also recommended to have all of your paperwork together before starting the online application.  However, you have the option to save your application partially finished and return at a later time to complete and submit. You must complete and submit your application in order to be considered for positions. A saved application will not be considered. .

    How can I save my application and come back to it later?
    Our system allows you to save a partially finished application by clicking on the “Save” button.

    If I attach a resume, do I still need to fill out the remainder of the online application?
    Yes, if you are attaching a resume, you are still required to complete the online application.  There are a number of sections of the online application which you will be required to complete in order to submit your application.  Please do not list "see resume" for the education and/or experience pages.

    Should I also submit a hard copy of my resume and cover letter to Human Resources?
    The online application is the method to apply for positions with Saint Paul Public Schools.  It is not necessary to provide a hard copy of your application or resume to Human Resources.

    I submitted an online application.  Should I also send a cover letter and resume to the school for which I am applying?
    The online application system is the method to apply for positions with Saint Paul Public Schools.  It is not necessary to send a copy of your application or resume to the schools.  Schools will have access to your application information if you are considered qualified for the position.  The system also allows you to attach cover letters and other documents to your online application.

    If I don't apply for a specific job, will my resume still be considered for other openings?
    In general, if you do not apply for jobs, your application will not be considered further.  Human Resources may access your application if you are a licensed teacher and we are looking for applicants with a particular licensure area.

    Can I submit an application for several jobs at the same time?
    You can submit an application for any number of positions for which you are interested and qualified.  From the Careers Home page, use the “Basic Job Search” or “Advanced Search” section to search for jobs. Check the boxes in the Select column for the jobs you wish to apply for and click on “Apply for Selected Jobs”. as many positions as you wish.