Technical Assistance

  • I forgot my password, how do I sign on?
    If you are a prospective employee, go to the Applicant Home page, enter your email address and click on "Forgot your password."  You will be asked to confirm that you wish to change your password.  Click "OK."  An email will be sent to you immediately with a random password which you can use to sign on to the system. Once you have signed on, click on "Change Password" to reset your password.

    If you are a current employee, go to the sign on page and click on the "Forgot your password" link. You will be asked to enter your employee ID number.  An email will be sent to you immediately with a random password which you can use to sign on to the system. Once you have signed on, you will be asked to change your password.

    What should I do if I experience errors while attempting to apply on your site?
    If you are not able to troubleshoot the error after reading frequently asked questions in the Career Help Center, please contact us either by submitting an email on the Contact Us Form or calling the 651-767-8200.  You will be assisted with your application.  If possible, please send us screen prints of the error messages as this helps us to get detailed information on the error.

    What operating systems and supported browsers can be used with the online application system?


    • Microsoft Internet Explorer versions – 11 or later
    • Mozilla Firefox versions – 52 or later
    • Google Chrome versions – 63 or later
    • Apple Safari versions – 10 or later
    • Microsoft Edge versions – 35 or later
    • Safari, Chrome, Firefox on iOS (iPad and iPhone) – Latest
    • Chrome, Firefox on Android (Phone and Tablet) – Latest

    Other relevant applications

    • Microsoft Excel versions – 2019 or later
    • Microsoft Word versions – 2019 or later

    Clearing Your Browser's Cache
    Your browser's cache stores the contents of all the Web pages that you have visited during a session. In some cases the cache can cause the browser to behave abnormally.

    What happens if I have Pop up blockers set-up on my computer?
    Pop-up blockers will prevent you from opening windows on the Career site. We suggest that you disable blockers when you access the site.

    Internet Explorer:

    1. Go to: Tools, pop up blocker and "allow" pop-ups.

    You will also need to enable downloads:

    1. Go to:  Tools, internet options, security, then click on custom, scroll down to find downloads, (just that word only) choose the option of “Enable”.
    2. Apply, and then click o.k.

    Mozilla FireFox:

    1. Go to: Tools, Options, Content
    2. UN-click the box that says “Block Pop-Up Windows 

    What happens if the system timeouts while I am completing an online application?
    To prevent lost of data entry, you should perform a task at least once every 18 minutes. Leaving your screen unattended for over 18 minutes will result in a timeout. It’s a good idea to gather all needed paperwork before you begin the application process.
    I am receiving the message "You are not authorized to access this component." What should I do?
    Close all browser windows and open a new window.

    What if I have security concerns?
    For security purposes, be sure to sign off when you have completed all work on the Career site.

    I still have a question. What do I do?
    You may call our helpline at 651-767-8200 during normal business hours, Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. (Central Standard Time).