Teacher Candidates in SPPS

  • Welcome to Saint Paul Public Schools!  Your pre-service placement has been finalized and we are pleased that you will be joining our district for your training. Teacher candidates bring our staff a wealth of new ideas, and our students an opportunity for additional learning.

    This packet includes an overview of Saint Paul Public Schools, with information about key district policies, a school year calendar, the requirements and basics for the co-teaching model and information for future openings in the district. 

    In addition to this letter, your student teaching placement assignment is contingent upon the successful completion of a criminal history background check and the completion of the co-teaching training. Within 7-10 days of this letter:

    Please complete the enclosed background check authorization form and student teacher placement data sheet,
    attach a check in the amount of $22.00 to Saint Paul Public Schools, and send to:

    Saint Paul Public Schools
    Attention:  Ki-ia Pha/Background Check
    Human Resource
    360 Colborne Street
    Saint Paul, MN 55102

    Pre-service training of teachers in SPPS requires cooperating teachers and student teacher candidates to participate in co-teaching methods during the pre-service placement. As a part of the co-teaching model, cooperating teachers and teacher candidates are required to complete two courses on co-teaching prior to placement. Pleas make arrangements and connect with your cooperating teacher to complete the co-teaching training requirements.

    Please make sure you review and understand this information prior to beginning your assignment.

    Ensure you follow Media Permissions and EdTPA Submission Guidelines on page 18.

    Please report to the school office on the first day of your assignment to make arrangements to meet the Principal.