Co-Teaching in Saint Paul Public Schools

  • Co-teaching is defined as two teachers (cooperating teacher and student teacher candidate) working together with groups of students, sharing the planning, organization, delivery and assessment of instruction. Research indicates that co-teaching partnerships increase academic achievement for all students. Cooperating teachers and student teacher candidates will be required to participate in two co-teaching professional development trainings:

    • Foundations Training - provides the philosophy and strategies for co-teaching.
    • Pairs Training - provides the cooperating teacher and student teacher candidate with tools for how they will successfully work together to support the learning of all students.


    Online Foundations and Pairs Training Option :
    SPPS is excited to partner with the University of Minnesota's Teacher Education Redesign Initiative (TERI) to offer online Foundations and Pairs training to cooperating teachers and teacher candidates placed in SPPS*. The Foundations training can be completed together or separately. The online Pairs training, however, must be completed by the cooperating teacher and the teacher candidate (together).

    To complete the online training(s), please click on the Foundations Workshop at 
    Foundations: Pairs: you are on the webpage, click on each section of the training. At one point in the Foundations workshop, you'll need to use a password to see the video on co-teaching strategies. The password for the video is: Co1eaching_model (Please note that the "t" in co-teaching is replaced with the number 1).