Taste Masters Taste Test - Fall 2017
  • This Fall, six schools participated in the Taste Masters Taste Tests.  Students tasted a salad made with julienne local apples, arugula and Manchego, a cheese made from sheep's milk.  Lessons about the ingredients were delivered to some of the classes and included an activity and lesson about how to include all their senses when evaluating a new food.

    Student Web Leaders from American Indian Magnet help encourage younger students to try the Taste Masters samples.Web Student Leaders - Taste Masters Fall 2017









    Frost Lake Taste Masters Fall 2017 At Frost Lake, Carol (Wellness Champion) and Michelle (Cafeteria Supervisor) brought their positive energy to the event.

  • Applemania Salad


    Taste Masters is sponsored by Kowalski's Markets and offers students and teachers lessons about new foods that are then tested in the cafeteria.  During the lessons, we answer the questions such as

       Taste Masters Questions Answered


  • Results

                                                       Thumbs Up        Thumbs Down                      

    Adams Spanish Immersion                 119                   72

    American Indian Magnet                     286                  178

    Battle Creek Elementary                     199                  198

    Frost Lake Elementary                        348                 152

    Obama Elementary                            212                  129

    Phalen Lake                                      371                  124 

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