English 10 Accelerated

  • This class is a pre-requisite for upper level English classes. Students in this rigorous class will read, analyze, discuss, and write about a wide variety of fiction and nonfiction texts. Students will develop close reading, analysis, writing, and speaking skills. Students must be committed to completing outside of class, self-directed tasks which will incorporate a wide variety of writing and critical reading skills required for Minnesota state standards and upper-level English courses.


    Course Readings:  Class readings are selected to expose students to fiction and nonfiction texts from a wide variety of authors and historical contexts. Students will read and analyze novels, poetry, drama, short stories, essays, speeches, and visual texts (images, films).  Our focus is on developing close reading and analysis skills that allow students to identify what a text says, how those ideas are developed, and why the writer may have made specific choices.  Students will also identify literary and rhetorical devices used by the writer, and discuss how those devices develop meaning.

    Independent Reading: Students are expected to read independently outside of class.  Independent reading helps to build vocabulary and exposes students to a variety of writing styles.  Students should select books that are at the appropriate reading level and subjects that are of interest to them. It is also recommended that students select works that are from a variety of time periods.


    This class incorporates both formal and informal writing assignments to help students develop the writing skills required for upper-level English classes. Students will confer with their peers and the teacher during the writing process. All formal essays must be either word processed (Google Docs) or done in black or blue pen on college-ruled, white, loose-leaf paper. Students must complete and submit all drafts.

    Formal Writing Assignments:  Formal writing assignments include multi-draft essays.  Multi-draft essays allow students to revise and improve their work before it is graded.  Students will write narrative, expository, analytical, and argumentative essays. Students will also conduct research, and write an essay that synthesizes information from multiple sources.  Tentative Schedule: Q1 – Analytical and Narrative essays; Q2 – Research and Expository essays; Q3 – Analyze arguments; Comparative analysis essay; Q4 – Argumentative essay.

    Informal Writing Assignments: Students will build writing and analysis skills through response journals, text annotation, online discussion forums, and on-demand (timed) essays. On-demand essays require students to write an essay under timed conditions, which prepares them for standardized testing conditions such as Advanced Placement or college-entrance exams.

    Grammar and Sentence Combining:  Students will complete a variety of grammar and sentence-combining exercises that will help them to develop a more mature prose style, as well as recognize the techniques used by writers.


    Students will participate in large and small group discussions, including Socratic Seminars, think-pair-share, and fishbowl. Students are expected to actively participate in all discussions, as both a listener and a speaker.  Students will also be required to deliver formal oral presentations as an individual or in a group.


    Students will have ongoing, weekly vocabulary work. Words are chosen from a list of words that are commonly found on college entrance exams. There will be unit tests every three to four weeks.


    Click on the link below to view the course syllabus.

    18-19 English 10 Accelerated Syllabus