Record Retention Policy for Title I Programs

  • 34 CFR Part 80.42 Length of Retention:

    All Title I records will be kept for 5 years plus the current year. The requirement under part 80.42 is 3 years however, the statute of limitations for recovery of federal funds is 5 years. Therefore we maintain records beyond the required 3 years specified by EDGAR.

    All Title I Records will be maintained at the school site unless otherwise requested by the Title I Federal Programs Office.

    The Title I Compliance Folder is submitted to the district Title I Federal Programs Office before the end of the school year. The folder contains samples of artifacts demonstrating compliance which is not inclusive all records and documentation, therefore remaining documents are to be retained at the school site.

    Examples of Documents (not an inclusive list)
    1. Family Engagement Plan
    2. Compact (for all students if done individually, or compact if same for all students)
    3. Documentation that the Compact was shared with families.
    4. School Improvement Plan (SCIP)
    5. Documentation SCIP was created with parents.
    6. Documentation that SCIP was shared with parents.
    7. Title I Annual Meeting (agendas, sign-in sheets, flyer)
    8. Comprehensive needs assessment (data analysis, PLC, Leadership meetings)
    9. Process for identifying students in need of additional support
    10. All parent engagement flyers, meeting notes, sign-in sheets that show:
      • Building parent capacity to help their children succeed in school.
      • Parents involved in the decisions about the improvement of the school.
      • Parents are informed about the curriculum used at the school and the standards that students must meet.

    Records may be kept in an electronic or paper version.

    • Current Year – 2019-20 School Year
    • Year 1 2018-19
    • Year 2 2017-18
    • Year 3 2016-17
    • Year 4 2015-16
    • Year 5 2014-15