• Paul & Sheila Wellstone Elementary




    The SCHOOL CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT PLAN (SCIP) is a document we use to identify annual improvement priorities each year. You can view the entire SCIP and a glossary of terms at http://www.


    Our Vision for Wellstone Elementary is an inclusive environment where diversity is valued and all students are free to be themselves. It is a cohesive community where families, staff, and students feel welcomed, encouraged, supported and engaged. We share the responsibility of upholding high expectations that are consistent. Creative thinking paired with inventive teaching will lead to exceptional academic and social achievement.


    Mission Statement

    All staff take responsibility for and have a collective focus on student growth and achievement.

    Wellstone is addressing three main areas in our SCIP. Culturally responsive teaching which gives students a voice about what they are learning and choices within assignments is embedded throughout our plan.


    MCA Reading Proficiency Goal: The percentage of all students scoring proficient or higher in Reading will increase from 26% to 32% by Spring 2021 as measured by the MCAIII Reading Assessment administered 4/1/2020.


    Action Steps

    • Teachers will receive training on how to use student data to guide instruction.
    • Teachers will have opportunity to observe and learn teaching strategies from each other.
    • To support student language development, ELL (English Language learner) and classroom teachers will plan and teach instruction together.  
    • When a student has no growth or negative growth as compared to peers, teacher and coach will analyze data to make instructional adjustments.


    MCA Math Proficiency Goal: The percentage of all students scoring proficient or higher in Math will increase from 19% to 22% by Spring 2020 as measured by the MCA III Math Assessment administered 4/1/2020.


    Action steps

    •       Implementation of effective strategies for learning Math Facts.



    • We will continue to implement a proactive approach to discipline, which includes the Positive Behavior Intervention Support (PBIS) model. You can read more about it at https://www.spps.org/PBIS
    • Teachers will establish clear rituals and routines for students.  Common language and practices will be used when responding to student behavior.
    •     School Counselor will provide instruction to classrooms on the Zones of Regulation/School Counseling Curriculum. The Zones program will help students learn to self- regulation and emotional control.  More information can be found at http://www.zonesofregulation.com/index.html