Physical Education with Mr. Kaluza!

  • Welcome back to school!


    Next week, we are going to review our rules, rituals, and routines for the majority of class time during the first two days. The last two days will be playing games with staying safe in space and listening to my directions. As the weeks continue, we will continue to add activities and games to play. Hopefully, we can be outside to play!


    Week one is complete and onto week two. Classes are now rotating so I will see: 5th grade, 1st grade C, Kindergarten D, 2nd grade A, 2nd grade B, and third grade A. We will cover what the classes from last week went through: rules, routines, movement in space, listening skills, and a game or two once all those items are completed and performed well as a class. Another rotation will happen on Friday so afternoon classes I had last week move into their second rotation with me and the morning classes of the other first grades will have me! Have a great week everyone!


    Week 5:

    This week, K-2 students are progressing from spatial awareness and 8 locomotor skills (hopping, skipping, jumping, leaping, running, walking, skipping, and galloping) to throwing/rolling underhand and some catching. The goal is to be outside this week!

    3-5 students are finished with biking and onto American football skills and strategies. 3rd graders will focus on throwing and catching while the 5th graders will attempt to learn receiving patterns.